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About this design:

Beaded bracelet. After making 2 pair of Rivoli earrings, I found myself completely out of new ideas. I decided to just make a basic bracelet of someone else's design, just to be busy. Right angle weave is soothing to me and after a while I began my day dreaming, as I do when things work. Until recently I haven't owned any duos or other 2 hole beads as they tend to be expensive, but I have been adding to my stash and was anxious to use these tanzanite ones. So I veered off and started making it my own. When the netting was done I thought you could stop here, it is so pretty. When the center rondells were on I thought you could stop here as well and it would be nice. So you can go as far as you want with a netted bracelet like this and have a pretty piece of jewelry.


11/0 seed beads in 2 colors. 4mm rondells. Super Duos. 2 4mm bicones. Clasp. Beading thread.

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  1. Beady Little Eyes
    Beady Little Eyes says:

    Beautiful KR. The colors are so pretty, and I love the way you used the superduos. It’s fun to start with one stitch and meander into other stitches. (And I understand about daydreaming)

  2. Granny Nancy
    Granny Nancy says:

    That is so very pretty. I envy being able to do that sort of thing.

  3. Maggies Mom
    Maggies Mom says:

    Love the softness of this. Looks very delicate.

  4. dolllady aka Pam
    dolllady aka Pam says:

    This is so pretty and soft. It makes a super conversation starter.

  5. K Ralston
    K Ralston says:

    Thanks all. Glad you like it. Today I have returned to the Rivolis. I’m still trying to learn how to bezel them with a peyote tube and it’s NOT GOING WELL! I watched a different instructional video. It was better explained and seemed easy – not. So I have a question for you BLE, and the rest of you artists as well. Do you think because I am using Chinese crystal Rivolis, and in all the videos they are using Svoroski crystals, is the problem? Could these be fatter? I’m burning through a lot of Fireline. That’s why I stopped and did this bracelet. I have rivoli burnout, but at least I have learned to bezel with the netting technique and I may have to be satisfied with that.

  6. No Photo
    BevB says:

    Your bracelet is absolutely beautiful. There is a store in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania called Owl Be Beading. They sell the products you are working with and also have classes. I’m a beginner and had a problem with a project. They helped me modify the project so that I could complete it. You could contact them through their website.

  7. K Ralston
    K Ralston says:

    Thanks Bev. I’ll check them out. I’m not a beginner, but all of us have trouble sometimes. I’ve been looking at my Rivolis. I don’t have any high end ones to compare them to, but it appears theres a seam around the edge and two pieces may be fused. They are very pretty, but maybe that is making them fatter and my bezels aren’t fitting. I can use them, but possibly they aren’t best for this application. I would have ordered the Rivolis here at LB, but I don’t see any – hint hint LB. I appreciate your help Bev.

  8. Beady Little Eyes
    Beady Little Eyes says:

    Hi KR – I hope I understand your problem correctly. If the rivoli has tall sides then perhaps you could try the peyote stitch using the same pattern for several rows instead of increasing and decreasing.

  9. kye
    kye says:

    This is so pretty. Great colors and design. Great name too. Wish I could help you with your problem but I have no experience with rivolis.

  10. K Ralston
    K Ralston says:

    I’m going to try that BLE – later, when my frustration subsidies, LOL. Thanks

  11. Little Round Chick
    Little Round Chick says:

    Very elegant design and the colors are perfect! This would be an absolutely gorgeous design for a choker. Love it!

  12. Stingray
    Stingray says:

    Swarovski crystal rivolis are much thinner than any off-brand(consistant 1.5mm compared to 2-3mm). If you get sick of weaving them you could always try wirewrapping. Though, after wrapping way too many(30+; not in the same month) now I’m getting sick of wrapping them.

  13. Stingray
    Stingray says:

    I tried to add a picture earlier but it wouldn’t load.


  14. No Photo
    BevB says:

    You’re welcome, K! You will figure it out.

  15. K Ralston
    K Ralston says:

    Wow Stingray. Those are gorgeous. I was thinking maybe I could wrap a few. And I will buy Swarovski ones next time. I didn’t have any at all when I decided I wanted to make these earrings,so I tried with a sort of disk shaped crystal. It took some adjusting but can be done too. Just need to figure it out. Here’s one of the experiments. I hope you will share more of your work here. I love seeing everyone’s individual style and you are quite talented. Thanks to everyone for the information and advice.


  16. Beady Little Eyes
    Beady Little Eyes says:

    Wow KR – Love the piece you just posted – and I love Stingray’s wrapped rivolis also. Such talent here at LB.

  17. Beady Little Eyes
    Beady Little Eyes says:

    Congrats KR – Your beautiful bracelet is on the home page.

  18. Stingray
    Stingray says:

    Your experiment piece is really cool.
    I actually prefer the off-brand crystal because they don’t chip as easily, but I guess for weaving that wouldn’t be a problem.

  19. Crystal Canary
    Crystal Canary says:

    Guess I’m late to this conversation! This is such a beautiful piece! The colors really are dreamy. I really like how you used the SuperDuos in this design and how their color is a nice accent against the lighter seeds. Those earrings are also great–the flat crystal worked very well in that design. It is so nice that you can work a piece and add your own creative ideas along the way. I’m finally trying my hand at some weaving–not so easy for me with no real knowledge of what I’m doing. (No laughing when I post it!) I hope it turns out and I can figure out how to attach a clasp. Thank you all for the inspiration and tips on how to do this kind of work.

  20. K Ralston
    K Ralston says:

    Crystal Canary, I’m glad you are getting started. No one would laugh at you. You should see some of the things I made starting out. But it’s awesome to learn new things. I can’t wait to see what you make.

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