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About this design:

This is a prototype bracelet that I made. It was also pretty difficult to photograph since it is so thin! It is 12 gauge wire which is approximately 2mm in size so... I am going to actually keep this one for myself because I know how I will change it for future designs.


Sterling silver wire, white topaz

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  1. Fresh Baked
    Fresh Baked says:

    I’m a big fan of loose, rustic wire wrapping designs…can’t wait to see where this wire leads you! Wear it with pride!

  2. Maggies Mom
    Maggies Mom says:


  3. K Ralston
    K Ralston says:

    This is a great bracelet Khristen, and as soon as I saw it I thought of a tutorial video I watched some time ago for this very cool bracelet. I was going to try it but never did and then forgot all about it. But YOU have the skill and patience to do it. So I searched for a long time to find it again and I hope you will check it out. It’s by and it’s called Shabangles Bracelet Tutorial. It’s messy. It’s very freeform and individual. It uses up things in your miscellaneous bead stash. I hope you will take a look. No two are alike.

  4. kye
    kye says:

    This is such an exciting design. 12 gauge wire sounds hard to work with. Love love love your work! I can’t wait to see modifications you come up with.

  5. Beauty Sought Khristin
    Beauty Sought Khristin says:

    Aww Thanks guys! K Ralston, I’ll definitely take a look thank for the suggestion. 12 gauge is a little difficult just doesn’t want to bend! So I use my steel bracelet mandrel and one of my hammers. It’s great for stress relief!

    Funny thing I forgot to share is that when I was making this I wanted to ball the ends. So I heated it up with my torch and it was balling so I kept the heat on. Next thing I knew was the end turned to liquid and a bead dropped off onto the brick. So… Note to self, 12 gauge won’t do that at least, I couldn’t make it to!

  6. Little Round Chick
    Little Round Chick says:

    Hey you are moving up to the BIG time with wire! Love working with 12ga especially in copper. Gave it a try in brass once… you need the strength of a blacksmith to work with it.

    This is such a neat design. Love the casual free form of the wire wrap. Looks like a fun technique to try. Can’t wait to see what you do with future designs.

  7. Crystal Canary
    Crystal Canary says:

    Love the rustic, freeform wire wrapping! Those tiny Topaz beads are great laced in amongst the meandering wire. I, also, look forward to seeing where this design idea leads you. You have much creative skill and always produce top-notch pieces. Great work Khristin! :)

  8. sweetjane
    sweetjane says:

    Gorgeous Khristin…..I would keep this for myself too.

  9. Stingray
    Stingray says:

    I have never tried sterling in 12g but I use a lot in copper. I like the idea of the small bracelet, it’s detailed but not in-your-face. Really cool.
    As for heating to ball-end the wire, maybe start higher(farther from end) on the wire? The same exact thing happened to me but on thinner gauge. Starting higher up and slower heat fixed it.

  10. BevB
    BevB says:

    This is beautiful and unique! I can only imagine all the work and strength it took to make it. I haven’t experimented with any wire below 16 ga. Lol I did make necklaces for wine bottles but I don’t know what that gauge was.

    Attachment Attachment

  11. Stingray
    Stingray says:

    BevB, it looks like 18g-just thick enough to start being stiff and just thin enough to go through most larger beads. It is a common gauge to find in hardware stores.

  12. BevB
    BevB says:

    Thanks, Stingray!

  13. Beady Little Eyes
    Beady Little Eyes says:

    Beautiful Khristin. The sterling wire and topaz beads look great – and the wire wrapping is exceptional as usual.

  14. Beauty Sought Khristin
    Beauty Sought Khristin says:

    Thank you! I’m working on another, Stingray I tried your suggestion and it didn’t work :( that’s ok though! It was a good thought. I can ball my other gauges of wire, I think this is just too big.

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