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The Beauty of Septaria

About this design:

I've had this Septaria pendant for quite a long time, but suddenly it jump out of the box and mixed with the other brown toned beads. I'm pleased with the result and I think this pendant is a real beauty!


Septaria pendant, Tourmaline faceted rondelles, Bronzite, Pink Chocolate FWP, Goldplated twisted rings, rondelles and clasp.

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  1. No Photo
    D D Mystic Chick says:

    wow! came out very nice! like the bead/color combo!

  2. No Photo
    Reet says:

    You should be pleased with result. Gorgeous necklace!

  3. Dragons Chicky
    Dragons Chicky says:

    It sure jumped into the right place! Love this combo, came out very nicely, a real beauty!:)

  4. No Photo
    Lynda aka DivaChick says:

    Wenche, you’ve outdone yourself! Absolutely gorgeous! :)

  5. Wemai Coffee Chick
    Wemai Coffee Chick says:

    Thank you! :-) When I got it I thought; what do I do with this?? But now it’s done!

  6. Wemai Coffee Chick
    Wemai Coffee Chick says:

    Lynda, the Septaria looks almost like animal prints! Don’t you agree? ;-)

  7. doktordesigns
    doktordesigns says:

    Fabulous! I’ve been eyeing those septaria beads and pendants on Lima hungrily for a while now…it’s wonderful to see them incorporated into a project. Brava, this is really lovely.

  8. No Photo
    Chicky Zee aka Alice says:

    Beautiful like it.

  9. Sandra Martinez
    Sandra Martinez says:

    again…never underestimate the power of the stash! This is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!

  10. Froggy Chick aka Wendy F
    Froggy Chick aka Wendy F says:

    Very pretty! Love the focal! So glad it jumped out at you, great design!

  11. Leigh D
    Leigh D says:

    Wenche, I absolutely LOVE this piece!!!! You can send it to me right now!!!!!! ;-)

  12. Anita QoG Funny Chick
    Anita QoG Funny Chick says:

    Stunning!!! Oh, Wenche, this is soooo pretty. Simple yet elegant!!!

  13. Wemai Coffee Chick
    Wemai Coffee Chick says:

    Well, it’s for sale….or wait a minute,maybe not…..It’s that typical situation! ;-) Actually, yesterday I sold some pieces at work, and there are someone who ordered a special combination. It seems like people like silver more than gold!

  14. No Photo
    Jeannes Gems - Gem Chick says:

    Such a gorgeous combination!

    I can’t imagine doing this with silver. The gold is a stunning complement with the beads you’ve used. But I have been know to restring to meet the whims of the buyer.

  15. Leslie W Mtn Chick
    Leslie W Mtn Chick says:

    Wow, this is lovely, and it even has tourmaline in it!!!

  16. CAS
    CAS says:

    Wenche this is sooooooo cool! When I first got some Septaria (Rondelles from LB of course) I wasn’t really sure of it, but then as you said it “jumped out”, and now I love it. Gorgeous piece!

  17. Wemai Coffee Chick
    Wemai Coffee Chick says:

    Thanks everyone! So great that you like it! :-)

  18. No Photo
    Deb D Grammy Chick says:

    Wenche, you’ve really outdone yourself with this one! Absolutely gorgeous…it definitely jumped out of the Design Gallery at me! That Septaria pendanat is gorgeous! “D

  19. No Photo
    Deb D Grammy Chick says:

    That was supposed to be :D

  20. Chicky Bear-Tara
    Chicky Bear-Tara says:

    This is beautiful Wenche. The pendant is fabulous and you set it off perfectly!

  21. Kitty Chicky Girl
    Kitty Chicky Girl says:

    i love the pendant…it looks stunning!

  22. Wemai Coffee Chick
    Wemai Coffee Chick says:

    Thanks, Deb! :-)

  23. Wemai Coffee Chick
    Wemai Coffee Chick says:

    We were writing at the same time! Thanks to Kitty and Tara too!

  24. Happy Chick aka Harriet
    Happy Chick aka Harriet says:

    Great design and lovely work!!! I’m glad to see the septaria made up in such a pretty design. :D

  25. No Photo
    Mary - Sweet Chick says:

    I LOVE this! Straight to my favorites!

  26. Wemai Coffee Chick
    Wemai Coffee Chick says:

    Thank you, Harriet and Mary! :-)

  27. Cuban Queen Crazy Chick
    Cuban Queen Crazy Chick says:

    Gorgeous, Wenche!! Septaria IS beautiful. I have a round pendant like this still sitting in one of my bead boxes and I’m not sure what to do with it yet. This came out great! :)

  28. No Photo
    Faithful Chick aka Faith says:

    Lovely piece of art work. I really like the hint of soft green and rose shade with it. What lovely things are hiden in your thoughts.

  29. Fashion Chick aka SC
    Fashion Chick aka SC says:

    Wenche, it’s a gorgeous necklace! The pendant is so beautiful.

  30. Little Round Chick
    Little Round Chick says:

    Ditto to everything everyone else has said. Love, love, love the colors and the combo!

  31. FaeryGoth Chick
    FaeryGoth Chick says:

    This is a gorgeous necklace Wenche!

  32. Wemai Coffee Chick
    Wemai Coffee Chick says:

    Wow, I’m overwhelmed! I think I might use it at party this weekend…. ;-)

  33. Mommykat Bubbly Chick
    Mommykat Bubbly Chick says:

    I think you should keep a backup necklace in your purse…someone may buy this beauty right off your neck!

  34. No Photo
    RubberT aka Plucky Chick says:

    Wow! Fav!

  35. No Photo
    Cotopaxi Chickie Sue says:

    I am SO far behind in designs…

    Wenche, this is fantastic! Love your design! Isn’t it wonderful when all the stones jump onto your table and design themselves into such a beautiful necklace? The colors are so rich! Fav! :D

  36. Wemai Coffee Chick
    Wemai Coffee Chick says:

    You are so sweet! Thanks a lot! :-)

  37. Lynn Eileen Chicky LE
    Lynn Eileen Chicky LE says:

    This is so beautiful, Wenche! Wonderful colors and design! :D

  38. Wemai Coffee Chick
    Wemai Coffee Chick says:

    Nice that you liked it, Lynn Eileen! :-)

  39. Glassy chick Sonal
    Glassy chick Sonal says:

    This is awesome truly Classy!!Perfect for a queen :) Nice work Wenche.

  40. Wemai Coffee Chick
    Wemai Coffee Chick says:

    Thanks, Sonal!! So far it’s mine, so I can feel like a queen if I will. ;-)

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