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Jungle Green and Copper

About this design:

This is the first piece of jewelry I've finished in quite some time. I had surgery the first week of November and that interrupted my thought process. The body has recovered but the creativity has eluded me until a couple weeks ago. I've put together several necklaces but I haven't finished most of them. This necklace is the first one I have completed. The design is nothing to write home about but at least I finished it.

I went looking through the stash and found this beautiful green pendant and beads. I've had them forever so decided the time had come to do something with them. The large copper beads are a recent purchase and they look great with the green stone so I put them together, then made some ear rings with blood stone and African turquoise.

I've had problems with my hands being stiff so I made a tentative try stringing beads and working with crimp tubes. No success with the tubes. I just mangled several of them and kinked the beading wire. Plan B...Put the necklace together with 20ga wire...No crimp tubes, no beading wire, no problems.


blood stone pendant and beads from LB, 3mm and 6mm pure copper beads and 20ga wire, African turquoise, antique copper chain from LB and hand made clasp, niobium ear wires

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  1. K Ralston
    K Ralston says:

    Sorry you had so much difficulty LRC, but you did produce a beautiful set. Sometimes we get stalled. I have been also. You found a way. That’s what’s important. Love these stones. Right now I am trying to reverse the damage I have done to myself over this last stressful year. Since I can’t do without caffeine I have started to steep chopped cranberries into my tea, amongst other improvements. I really don’t taste it but I have felt a lot better. A little less stiffness too. I don’t know why, but try a few dietary improvements and it may help.

  2. Granny Nancy
    Granny Nancy says:

    I love this set. Copper just seems to complete a set of beads done in green. Even with your stiffness you produced a lovely set in green and copper.

  3. dolllady aka Pam
    dolllady aka Pam says:

    I can understand the beading delays. It seems like some people have been very productive during this unending pandemic and others of us find it difficult to even get ideas. This is a wonderful necklace.

  4. Jogi
    Jogi says:

    I love the green and copper together. I have an unfinished green one staring at me now! Your necklace is great! I think your earrings are great!

  5. Robin nursechick
    Robin nursechick says:

    LRC- your necklace set is beautiful. Hopefully with using your hands the stiffness will let up. I’ve been wondering where you were and hoping you were ok. You were missed ! Who knows- maybe the best is yet to come. This set is certainly one of your bests!!

  6. sweetjane
    sweetjane says:

    It’s a lovely set LRC!! Sometimes the simple designs are the best. I’ve got to have carpal tunnel surgery coming soon…it will definitely interrupt my creative flow. I hope you continue to mend and get your mojo going again!

  7. Beady Little Eyes
    Beady Little Eyes says:

    Beautiful LRC. The colors are lovely and the earrings are so pretty.
    Sorry to hear you’ve been feeling bad. But nice to see you haven’t lost your creativity. Love your Plan B.
    ….She’s baaaaaack.

  8. Little Round Chick
    Little Round Chick says:

    Rah, Rah, Yeah! Thanks for the pick me up everyone. This stinking virus hasn’t been at all helpful and it certainly has brought out my hermit instincts. Thank God for books and Amazon! Hermits don’t design and make jewelry very well

    Sweet Jane, when I had surgery for my carpal tunnel problem my husband advised me to tell the Dr to use teflon tape to prevent any more short circuits in my wiring. You know how dopey you can get on the “relax me” shots… Just before they knocked me out I told the Dr what he had said. Good laugh all around the OR.

  9. Kimberlywilliams60
    Kimberlywilliams60 says:

    Awe LRC this is just beautiful!! I think you did an amazing job despite the challenges …..I have definitely not been creative at all during this time so like you say Thank goodness for books and amazon prime .hope you continue to feel better every day

  10. Fresh Baked
    Fresh Baked says:

    The greens and copper are a gorgeous combo! So glad to hear you are improving and able to start doing what you love. I agree that books have kept my sanity this past year. Thanks to Kindle and Overdrive!

  11. kye
    kye says:

    It’s so good to see you posting again LRC. Copper and green is one of my favorite combos. Such a pretty set.

  12. Crystal Canary
    Crystal Canary says:

    LRC, Very nice to see your posts again–been missing you. Not feeling well definitely can be a big obstacle to overcome when it comes to creativity. It is terrible to sit there and draw a big blank. Love the blueish teal color of the beads with the copper. Sorry to hear those pesky crimp tubes are causing you a fit; as time passes, they get harder & harder to work with for sure. But as you know, there is always a way to rework any design–the trick is trying to think it up! I especially like how you stacked the square beads at the bottom of the earrings.

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