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Reminder to be Still!

About this design:

Okay, not trying to bother anyone with this but I can tell you Who gets me through most of the depths I have experienced in my lifetime, abuse, cancer, illness of a child, loss, theft, illness of husband, betrayal of a friend, etc., and more and all of it, I couldn't have done it had I not been grounded in a faith that keeps me focused on what really matters. Right now I am waiting on a forced end to a thirty year business building enterprise that built one of the best of what we do. The big boys want to take us and there is nothing we can do but say goodbye to years of hard hard work, built relationships and friendships that endured because of our desire to be the best that we could be. So through the tears and anger and heartache I keep being reminded that I need to wait because I have time and again experienced the strong reality that I (We) are not alone and we will make it through this time. I still choose Joy because I know Who I serve and I know how it has always worked out even when I never knew what was next. I often think of my surgeon, 21 years ago who told me at my 6 months check up that he really didn't expect me to make it six months. In spite of it all, I do choose Joy, I choose to believe there is so much good and incredible possible to see and hold and be next, but I couldn't do it alone. So, I have learned to wait and see what happens next. Be still, wait, sometimes it takes a minute, or maybe longer. Just wait and keep your joy.


Lots of Hibiscus beads, 7mm and 9mm Czech glass, I love these so much! Round czech glass, some Czech Glass Chandelier Cut 8mm most from LB, Irish Waxed linen, Turquoise Irish Waxed Linen 2 ply and maybe orange crush or similar color 4ply, LB, focal in Porcelain from somewhere else. Chain is vintage I have had forever and the clasp is maybe LB, can't remember.

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  1. dolllady aka Pam
    dolllady aka Pam says:

    I’m sorry to hear about all your trials in life. I have to whole heartedly agree with you that GOd is with us in our tough times, heartaches, and our happy times. Your bracelet is a perfect tribute to God and his love that carries us through this trip called life.

  2. Granny Nancy
    Granny Nancy says:

    Oh Jogi – I know what you mean. So many things happen to us thru the years and sometimes we think we won’t make it. But then there’s that tap on the shoulder to remind us that He’s there with us. He’s reminding us that He’s going to take care of us, give us peace, and remind us that some day there will be a better place where there won’t be all this violence, and people who try to give you a bad life one way or another, and the biggie… no more pain. Many of us suffer with pain and other illnesses and for me, if I hadn’t had the Lord right there with me, I’m not sure what I would have done. But it would not have been good.

  3. Maggies Mom
    Maggies Mom says:

    Jogi, thank you for bravely sharing your life story with us. You have been through much more than I, but we each have trials that make us who we are. Choose Joy is such a hope-filled motto, and I agree with you that God is with us through the good and the bad. He is my Rock! Prayers for you and your business partners while you are going through this awful experience. Look for the silver lining and anticipate what He has waiting for you behind His new door. God bless you! Oh … and your bracelet is beautiful and filled with joy!!!

  4. Beady Little Eyes
    Beady Little Eyes says:

    Jogi- I also went through the loss of a business. It was one of the worst things that ever happened to me. So sorry to hear you’ve had other problems as well. Believe and wait.
    I absolutely love your bracelet. The colors and variety of beads are beautiful as is the message.

  5. sweetjane
    sweetjane says:

    I am frequently reminded that God never closes one door without opening another. Life seems sometimes…unfair. As my old boyfriend used to say …the fair is in September. If I can keep my eyes and heart open to the small miracles that happen everyday, I am frequently uplifted…and experience joy. I know I’m a better person having made it thru the rough times, and perhaps can help someone else do the same. Thanks for your post…your bracelet is a winner and so are you.

  6. Fresh Baked
    Fresh Baked says:

    Beautiful testimony to the One who loves us more than we can ever imagine. I hope you enjoy wearing your lovely bracelet.

  7. Crystal Canary
    Crystal Canary says:

    Jogi, May your faith, along with the strength that only God can supply, sustain you through your trail ahead. Sometimes it seems we jump from one trial to the next, often with tears–but finding a calm heart is possible with our reliance on the One who is greater than us and who unselfishly & lovingly supplies us with power & peace. A scripture that helps me through the ‘waves’ of life is Psalm 34:18 which says, ‘The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and He saves those who are crushed in spirit.’ Every time you wear this lovely bracelet, it will remind you that He is at your side to support you.

  8. Kimberlywilliams60
    Kimberlywilliams60 says:

    Jogi, I can not possibly add to what everyone here has already said ….I agree with it all ((big hugs ))

  9. Jogi
    Jogi says:

    Thank you for all of your encouraging comments. I have to admit I feel like I am on a roller coaster that will not stop. I have found, CC that I spend lots of time, when not at work, listening to Shane and Shane Psalms songs and Psalm 34 is a favorite (love it by the Brooklyn Tab, too) along with 46, well with about all of the other Psalms, too. I cannot respond to everyone as this would become a small book but I do so appreciate all of the Truths that you write, here. He is with us, He doesn’t leave us to experience trials alone, He does use them to glorify Him, He does do amazing things with what we think is the end, He is amazing. I do know He is here, He doesn’t ever leave me hanging without opening the next door. He heals our pain both in body and in our hearts. After all, we all know that one morning two millennia ago the sun rose on a day that forever changed the world! Love won! WOW!

  10. Maggies Mom
    Maggies Mom says:

    Amen and Amen!

  11. kye
    kye says:

    Beautiful bracelet Jogi. So sorry you’re having a hard time. Being creative helps sometimes.

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