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What's That About Earrings

About this design:

Yet another UFO (unfinished objects). I literally had only to put on the ear wires and yet they have been waiting over a year. I'm not sure why the light makes them look different in color in the picture, but they are both green. In the the picture's background you may see the next UFO that needs to be completed. I don't always finish things even when there is virtually nothing left to do. What's that about? It's probably about disorganization. But I've been spending stimulus money on storage solutions (although I'd rather spend it on beads), and it's making a difference.


Green rondells in 3 sizes. Ear wires. 3 mm rondells in another color. Bead caps. Head pins. 2 metal cog beads. 16 and 24 guage craft wire.

Additional Images:

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  1. K Ralston
    K Ralston says:

    Oh, and 11/0 seed beads. Left that out. It’s been a long day and Jazz and I need to sleep. It’s so hot and it’s forecast to be 108° next week. Uhhhh.

  2. Beady Little Eyes
    Beady Little Eyes says:

    Wow KR – These earrings are amazing. How big are they? I love the green rondelles. And the pair in the background look lovely also. You’re so funny with your UFOs. Please try to stay cool.

  3. EPBCornell
    EPBCornell says:

    These are amazing! I wish I had galas to wear them to, but it could be fun just to turn beads at the supermarket! The green/teal of the rondelles is one of my favorite colors, too. Another wonderful, whimsical, fancy design. I love your imagination to come up with such complex treasures and have them feel just right.
    And I hear you about all the UFOs– although so many of mine are old knitting projects, sweaters with the body & half of one arm done (I have 3 of those) or mittens & gloves with 1 & 1/2 pair! My jewelry projects are more sadly USOs – UnStarted Objects, beads & components picked out & bagged together, waiting for inspiration & assembly in some manner yet to be fully devised. Often it is the fear the finished product will not meet all the potential of the beautiful contents of that bag that gets in the way. Foolish, really. There are more magical accidents I find occurring in artistic endeavors than disasters. And there is nothing in beading that cannot be restrung. The most you have lost is some string or beading wire & a couple crimps.
    No need to rework these, K! They’re spectacular!

  4. EPBCornell
    EPBCornell says:

    Turn heads at the supermarket. Dang tablet autocorrect! What else did it change on me?

  5. dolllady aka Pam
    dolllady aka Pam says:

    I definitely know what you mean about durned tablets and autocorrect, Liz. Also bout uncharted jewelry projects with all the beads together in project bags. K. these are wonderful earrings. The ones in the back have me very curious about how they will look when they are finished.

  6. K Ralston
    K Ralston says:

    Thanks for the good words all. Right now I am only working on the UFOs or repairing some purchased pieces that I like. But the organization is coming along and already it’s quite a bit easier to find things. I just can’t get motivated when everything is in chaos. I’ve bought 8 of these 3 drawer organizers on wheels and I still need a few more. Oh how much we hoard when it comes to beads.

  7. No Photo
    MH says:

    Lovely earrings! I especially like your presentation as well!

  8. kye
    kye says:

    These certainly would turn heads. So pretty! The pair in the background look interesting too.

  9. sweetjane
    sweetjane says:

    They remind me of angels. I wish I could let go of projects and just finish them later. I go on to the bitter end, even if I don’t think it’s going to turn out right!

  10. Stingray
    Stingray says:


  11. K Ralston
    K Ralston says:

    Sweetjane, following through and getting stuff done is a positive character trait. I wish I had that. I’m working on it but I just flit from one to another in every aspect of my life. Even now, as I write this I had to stop to get ice water for the diva because she was heading for my Pepsi. I’m working on about 5 tasks today. What do you bet not one will be fully completed. Keep on just as you are.

  12. Little Round Chick
    Little Round Chick says:

    Terrific design! Absolute perfect for the supermarket.

  13. Kimberlywilliams60
    Kimberlywilliams60 says:

    These are fabulous!! I LOVE them and like Liz says I am imagining a gala to wear these to , I can not wait until we are able to attend such things again …just gorgeous !! I also have unfinished objects all around as well ….I wish I knew why I do that too

  14. Robin nursechick
    Robin nursechick says:

    Stunning and elegant! You truly have the wiring gift!

  15. Crystal Canary
    Crystal Canary says:

    WOWZA! These are wonderfully over the top!

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