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Copper, "Coiled Again"

About this design:

This is made so far of 6 gauge solid copper wire. I believe it to be a work in progress. I do not plan to sell it and it would certainly be alright with no imbelishment. It is very heavy and should not need a clasp, as I believe it is going no where on my arm. The man at Lowes looked at me and my husband like I was crazy when I bought 3 ft of the wire yesterday. I used all but about 8 inches of the wire making the coils. I am glad I got as much as I did now because when I began I had no idea of how it was going to be made. It just got in my hands and began to coil, and what do you know "Coiled Again" was born. LOL


6 gauge solid copper wire and lots of muscle to bend and cutters to cut off unused part.

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  1. No Photo
    Faithful Chick aka Faith says:

    If I were to try to do this again I would want something on the tools to keep the tool from biting into the soft (hah! very hard to an old female) copper wire. It was fun though and I think any one could open or close this to their own size. Beware the smaller you need to bend the copper the harder it is to bend.

  2. Jewelry by Shannon
    Jewelry by Shannon says:

    This is a fun bracelet, and the larger the tubing, the harder it is to bend for sure!

    They always look at me funny in the hardware store too. You should have seen the look I got when I was asking for thinner copper wire and copper washers recently. LOL!! It was fun to take the hammer to the washers and create texture! SLS

  3. No Photo
    Vampire Chickie Ravin says:

    This is so cool!!! I love it!!

  4. No Photo
    Dora H says:

    I know what you mean, 8 gauge it hard to bend..
    Great job…

  5. Little Round Chick
    Little Round Chick says:

    Aren’t you the brave one tackling 8ga wire. :D
    Ya done good kid. I’ve never worked with anything larger than 10ga.

    I know what you mean about getting funny looks from the guys in the electrical department. Go in and ask them for 30 feet of 12ga bare copper wire and watch their expressions. It’s funny. I haven’t tried the washers yet…Maybe I should make that my next metal project.

    To help me bend the wire, Faith, I use a cheeeeep pair of needle nose pliers with the textured surface liberally wrapped in masking tape. It works well for big curves and loops but isn’t so great with little ones.

    Love what you have done but next time try some wire that isn’t quite so monsterous. It’s easier. :D

  6. Violet
    Violet says:

    Very cool bracelet, Faith… this must have been very hard to do with 6 ga wire.
    You did a great job !!!

  7. Dragons Chicky
    Dragons Chicky says:

    Faith, have you tried using a vise to hold the copper? Well padded vise I mean. I have to use mine even with 12g copper wire. It seems to help provide a stable surface so you can use two hands on the tools. :D

  8. No Photo
    K H says:

    Very, very cool!!!! Where did you get your copper wire? I assume it was from an industrial source, as I have never seen anything larger than 18G at any LBS. I have 12 G from Home Depot.

  9. ChickyD aka Debra
    ChickyD aka Debra says:

    I’ve used 14 g but that’s it. Messed around tonight with some 16 g. I stand impressed. Lovely work, Faith. And now….I feel the need for a trip to Lowe’s…

  10. No Photo
    Faithful Chick aka Faith says:

    Electrical department of Lowes on a big spool the man had a tough time cutting it and I was not sure my husband was going to be able to cut it at home. He took his pliers placed it in the center and squeezed. This is why I don’t let him around tools much. LOL. He got a reciprocating saw and a grinder for Christmas. I don’t know if he still has a vise or if he left it in the work shop when we left Ohio. I wrapped it around the pet hair brush. Don’t really recommend this practice though. I thought I would break off the end of my little computer desk that has no leg. Better than the glass table top right! I learned. They had 9 guage but I liked the look of the 6 guage. The man tried to convince me to select one that had wires coated in rubber or what ever insulation they use for electrical. I just couldn’t see going to all the bother to dig out 6 strands of wire. LOL

  11. No Photo
    Cotopaxi Chickie Sue says:

    Faith, I am super-impressed! I can’t even imagine trying to work with 6 ga! What a fun bracelet!

    BTW, if you have tool marks in the bracelet, you might try sanding them off with 0000 steel wool. Not only will it smooth out the surface, but it will also give your copper a fabulous shine!

  12. No Photo
    Faithful Chick aka Faith says:

    Thanks, Sue. I used my husbands file to get the burr end off. He may have some of the 0000 steel wool around here. He used to keep it on hand for odd jobs around the house and when he painted for a living. I had found some nice copper crimp pieces at Lowes I thought I could use but they were just too big. Thanks for the helpful suggestion.

  13. No Photo
    Cotopaxi Chickie Sue says:

    Faith, I can’t even imagine cutting this wire – and I’ll bet the burr end was a b=== to file off!

    If hubby doesn’t have 0000 steel wool, I think you can pick it up at Ace Hardware. Maybe HD too, or even Lowe’s – I just know our tiny HD doesn’t carry it….

  14. No Photo
    Mary - Sweet Chick says:

    Ingenious Faith! Love it!
    Its quite inspiring to see pieces of creativity like this!! You go girl!

    I’ve got to get to the hardware store and see what sort of reaction I can get from the emplyees!!!!! ;-) :-D

  15. Lynn Eileen Chicky LE
    Lynn Eileen Chicky LE says:

    Faith, you did a fabulous job on this terrific bracelet! Looking forward to seeing more wireworking from you! Great job!!! :D

  16. No Photo
    Swedish Chick says:


    I also want to bend thick wire now!

    Hardware shop here I come!

  17. No Photo
    Swedish Chick says:

    In one hour I will be on my way to the hard ware shop. My personal assistant and daughter is coming along too. It will be a nice little excursion. I’ll let you know what I purchased.

  18. No Photo
    Swedish Chick says:

    Didn’t buy anything! It was a really crappy excursion. I am so upset about it.

  19. KittyMom Linda
    KittyMom Linda says:

    Wouldn’t it be fun to have a bunch of us go into a hardware store with our lists. We would absolutely drive the clerks to drink. “I’ll have two feet of this and 10 inches of something else, oh and 6 ft. of something else sweetie.”

  20. Celticcrossing
    Celticcrossing says:

    Wow, good for you working with such a tough gauge wire! I bought wasn’t sure myself if I could cut it, so I found garden shear, heavy ones they’d use to put fencing up with just to cut it! lol
    I had similar thing happen with HomeDepot, the guy there thought I was nuts asking for 10 gauge wire. The things we do for the love of our craft!

  21. No Photo
    Faithful Chick aka Faith says:

    I was just reading through the old designs of mine and had to laugh when I read the one Kitty Mom Linda wrote about getting different lengths of this and that. I did that not too long ago when I got the chain I used on the Puppy Feet creation. I wanted a certain length to make bracelets and neck chain pieces and wanted the man to cut them. I was wrapping them around my arm and he was looking at me like I had lost my mind. So funny the look on his face priceless.

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