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Bracelets & Earring for Sale

About this design:

Well, I have been recovering from surgery had some time on my hands so I have made all of these bracelets and earrings that I plan on selling in sets. I want to ask anyone who will give me some feedback how do you price your stuff that you are selling. Do you take the price you have spent on the beads and components and then add your time plus some mark-up? I am thinking that for some of the sets charging anywhere from $20.00-35.00 dollars depending on the stones and things I have used. Can everyone tell me what they would charge?

Thank you all very much.

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  1. grama rose aka stormy
    grama rose aka stormy says:

    I’m glad you are doing better at least you can do some beading..I love your braclets and earrings..I think you are close but I don’t know where you live sometimes that makes a difference looks like you have some pretty nice beads there..
    I’m not the best at pricing myself but others are better….good luck take care and heal fast dear freind in beading! :) :)

  2. No Photo
    Copper Penny says:

    Thank you, Stormy Chic, I live in Airdrie, Alberta, Canada. Where are you?

  3. No Photo
    Shawn l says:

    my bracelets are similiar to yours and my normal price ranges from $18-25 and my earrings are from $10-18, so the price range you are thinking about for each set sounds reasonable to me. I live on the east coast and most of my customers do not hesitate to pay the prices i have marked. good luck with everything, you have a pretty product!

  4. Mommykat Bubbly Chick
    Mommykat Bubbly Chick says:

    Shawn, are those prices for sterling & Gemstone? I tend to price my earrings a bit higher than that…

  5. doktordesigns
    doktordesigns says:

    Wow. Tough question. Pricing is complicated and depends on many factors, including your location, as already noted by some of the Lima Beaders.

    One of the things that many people don’t realize is that the perceived value of an object is affected by the price you put on it. If you want people to value your talent and workmanship, you need to price it as though you value it.

    I made a decision early on that I wanted to play at the high end of the market. Personally, I’d rather sell less but earn more. This strategy works well in some venues, like private parties and juried shows, and not so well in other venues — for example where lots of mass-manufactured goods are for sale. So I’ve learned that certain shows are not for me.

    It’s also important take into account other costs beside your materials and actual crafting time for each piece. How much time do you spend trolling the net looking for cool beads? I spend hours every week. What about travel time and gas costs when you drive to your local bead store? How much do you spend on packaging materials or your display? I bought a tent early on, some folding tables, and other merchandising items and I continue to pick new things up now and then to make my booth more inviting. I also package my pieces in pretty gift pouches when I sell them, because it adds to their perceived value and makes them more cherishable. What about the wire and crimp beads you waste when you make a mistake? (I do that a lot!!!) Do you spend money on flyers or business cards? Do you have a website that requires you to pay hosting fees? Keep all of those costs in mind, too.

    I guess I’m trying to say, don’t undersell yourself! You may be surprised how much your work can fetch. :)

    Check out to see my pricing strategy. It’s not for everyone but it may give you something to think about.

    Best of luck!

  6. KittyMom Linda
    KittyMom Linda says:

    Thanks Susan, you really put it in perspective. I know juried shows usually carry a different class of buyers. My favorite juried show is the Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts. It’s an amazing four days. Because it is in a college town (Penn State Main Campus) the festival is very well attended and the items there are amazing.

  7. No Photo
    Copper Penny says:

    Thank you Susan, alot of the things you have mentioned are things that I have been thinking about. I have actually went out and purchased some little bags that I will package the sets in. I have also been thinking about what I should charge because I don’t want to undervalue myself and I want whoever buys my pieces to know that I have strived to make them unique and individual and that I won’t be necessarily making another piece like the one they purchase again. As this is the first time I have thought of selling my stuff I am moving timidly and still rather unsure.

    You have given me alot of great tips and I really appreciate it. Thank you so much for taking the time out and explaining all this too me. I want to get off to a good start.

    I like the stuff that I make and I am hoping that others will too!

    Take care

  8. grama rose aka stormy
    grama rose aka stormy says:

    I live in Idaho outside Boise most people are crafters to and on some kind of disability so I have a hard time they all love everything but that doesn’t work The more I do the better I do so I’m sure you will do well..My wishes are with you any way…

  9. No Photo
    Vampire Chickie Ravin says:

    Great sets here, all really pretty! And WOW! Susan, you put alot of stuff in perspective for me as well! Thank you!! Good luck Penny, and no matter what you decide on, I’m sure you’ll do GREAT! And keep recovering and creating! You’re very talented, don’t be timid, get on out there and shine like the metals and gems you work with!! :D

  10. No Photo
    Faithful Chick aka Faith says:

    Hi Copper Penny! I hope you are feeling better and well on the mend. I love the bracelets and the earrings. The pricing thing has been covered. I would like to add I love the designs and you should get a good price for them. You may want to rethink selling them as sets. You may want to find a way to display them together to show they are matching. I have not worn a lot of bracelets and many arms come in many sizes. So what I am trying to get at is you may want to price them single not as a set for that reason. Good luck your designs are great. Get in there and have fun selling. If people are there more than likely they are there to buy.

  11. Violet
    Violet says:

    Very pretty bracelets and earrings… they should sell very well !!!

  12. No Photo
    Chicky Zee aka Alice says:

    I agreed with Susan. nice bracelets they will sell.!!!!

  13. Heartfelt By Lucinda
    Heartfelt By Lucinda says:

    I agree with Susan. I charge 12-18 for my earrings and 30 for my bracelets. I have al that overhead as was described.

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