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The rising of the sun and the running of the deer

About this design:

I asked my hubby what he thought of my necklace and he started singing "The Holly and the Ivy"... Hahaha. An old fashioned Christmas necklace. I tried to make the bead caps resemble bells.
A few weeks ago I was walking my dog when he caught a glimpse of a squirrel in the chicken cage. Unfortunately he saw it before I did so I was not prepared. He's a Great Pyrenees (about 100 lbs) and is hard headed. He went after the squirrel - twisting the leash around my finger. He went so fast that he broke my finger. If that wasn't bad enough ... after I caught up with him and grabbed the leash he continued to go crazy pulling my arm against the wooden handles. He tore my arm badly. Of course he had no idea that his maneuvers were hurting me but he felt bad when we went back to the house. I was whimpering as I washed my wounds and he hid behind the half closed bathroom door. So I stopped beading for a while.


Red and Green 6mmTile Beads, 11/0 seed beads - red, green and gold, LB Czech MatesGlass Metallic Goldenrod 3 hole beam 3 x 10 mm,Lb Tierracast Antique Gold Plated Lily Bead Caps 4 x 8 mm, Tierracast Antique Gold Plated Ivy leaves, Tierracast Toggle Clasp Antique Gold Garland

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  1. dolllady aka Pam
    dolllady aka Pam says:

    Oh this is definitely saying Merry Christmas! I’m saying I’m sorry about your broken finger and wounded arm. Our furbabies do tend to look sorry when we get hurt when tending with their “needs”. I slammed my finger in my sliding patio door. It was bruised from halfway down the second joint down to the base of my thumb and to the palm . I swear I broke the joint. My baby wouldn’t move while sitting on my lap all day. She would growl when I would move her to go to tend to personal needs.

  2. Crystal Canary
    Crystal Canary says:

    Beady, I was wondering where you were, and I am so sorry to hear about what happened to your hand & arm. Your ‘pup’ surely didn’t know he was going to hurt you with his instinctive actions. I hope you aren’t going to have any permanent injury to your hand that would in anyway cause you to struggle with your intricate bead work. Your necklace shows great use of the 2-hole tiles, and the ivy leaf dangles added along the edge add a fresh touch to the design. I hope you make a full & complete recovery–it’s good to see you back! :)

  3. K Ralston
    K Ralston says:

    This really does scream Christmas, and that’s a happy thing. I was wondering where you were, but I thought you might be away on vacation for the holidays. So sorry that you got injured. Squirrels will cause our furry friends to loose their minds. Poor pup. He feels bad, and poor you. I’m still dealing with my shoulder injury and it can take a lot of time, but it is improving a little bit at a time. I hope you are still able to bead. Ben Gay seems to really help with the pain.

  4. Beady Little Eyes
    Beady Little Eyes says:

    Thank you all so much for your wonderful comments. My doggie felt so bad. He knew he was misbehaving but he couldn’t help himself. He has long legs and strong thighs. Then when he gets going — well F=MA. Anyway I’m all healed except for my finger (right hand next to the pinkie). It’s only useful for tightening thread though so I can do a work around. Takes a lot longer to heal than it used to.

  5. Kimberlywilliams60
    Kimberlywilliams60 says:

    Oh goodness Beady!! I wondered where you were …I am so sorry to hear this …glad you are healing but I am sure you are probably still quite sore …This necklace is so beautiful and definitely reminds me of an old fashioned Christmas

  6. Robin nursechick
    Robin nursechick says:

    oh Beady- I was wondering where you were. I hope your healing well. There’s something about dogs and squirrels- my beagles go bizerk when there’s a squirrel in the yard. The squirrels love to tease them. Go easy on your fingers. Your necklace is beautiful and I bet you worked through the pain, didn’t you? Prayers for you, my friend!

  7. Beady Little Eyes
    Beady Little Eyes says:

    Thank you all so much.
    Pam – Your accident sounds awful. So nice your puppy took good care of you. Hopefully both of our fingers will heal well.
    Robin – What’s with squirrels tormenting dogs – I don’t get it. Chippies do the same thing.

  8. Moogie
    Moogie says:

    Oh Beady, how painful. I’m glad you’re getting better but I know how hard it is to be sidelined with an injury. So frustrating! Many years ago my mom’s black lab took off after a great dane & pulled her down & dragged her. Let’s just say he knew he did wrong. I also have a squirrel hater dog! She’s 50% dachshund & they were bred to go after badgers. Nothing gives her more pleasure than to go chase a squirrel. Lizards come in second!

    I really love this necklace! The colors are perfect & love the danglies. Glad you finished it.

  9. Beady Little Eyes
    Beady Little Eyes says:

    Thanks Moogie. Sorry to hear about your mom. Our pups just don’t know their strength.
    They do seem to love little rodents.

  10. Little Round Chick
    Little Round Chick says:

    What a wonderful salute to the Christmas Holiday. Love the way you have used the tile beads and added the charms as accents.

    Sorry to hear about your injuries. Unfortunately dogs can go blenzack when they see little furry critters. You have squirrels… I have rabbits. Before Leo reached senior citizen age he entertained great hopes of catching one. Never happened.

  11. Midge S
    Midge S says:

    Very festive! Clever design, nice!

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