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Figure 8 Bracelet Tutorial

About this design:

I ran into a lady the other day that own a local gift shop. She asked how I was doing with my jewelry. By the end of the conversation we booked a class. I picked this figure 8 bracelet because it is a lot easier than it looks. I wanted to do a trial run with the tutorial so I can hand some out at the end of the class. Now all I need to do is get a head count and bag up the "kits". We haven't discussed the fees yet. She is going to call me next week. Any thoughts on pricing??


12 4 mm beads, 66 4mm beads, 2 crimp beads, 2 clam shell bead covers, lobster clasp, 2 split jump rings, 21 inches of wire

Additional Images:

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Step 1:
Cut 21 inches of beading wire and fold in half. String a crimp bead to the end of the loop.
Step 2:
Crimp the tube with a crimp tool
Step 3:
String a clam shell crimp bead cover onto the wire with the hook end first.
Step 4:
Use the pliers to close the clam shell.
Step 5:
String a 4mm bead
Step 6:
String 3 4mm beads to each end of the wire.
Step 7:
String a 4mm bead with each end of the wire from opposite ends.
Step 8:
Pull taught to make the first half of the figure 8. Make sure you pull taught after each 4mm bead so it is not too loose.
Step 9:
Repeat steps 6-8 9 more times. After the 9th time add a 4mm bead with the ends going the same direction
Step 10:
Add a clam shell crimp bead cover with the hook facing out and then a crimp bead
Step 11:
Pull everything taught. You may need to spread the clam shell open wider in order to crimp the tube. Cut off excess wire
Step 12:
Close the clam shell.
Step 13:
Add a split jumpring to the hook and secure the hook with pliers
Step 14:
On the other end add a lobster clasp that has a split ring on it and close the hook.
Step 15:
The finished project will measure 7 1/2 inches long. If you want the bracelet to be bigger repeat steps 6-8 until desired length is reached.
  Step 16:
**you can use 8mm beads but you will need to add 1 more "loop" to get the correct length.

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  1. No Photo
    Jeannes Gems - Gem Chick says:

    Great bracelet, Caryn! The directions are very clear. How exciting to be teaching a class. I’m sorry I can’t help with a fee.

  2. sunny chick
    sunny chick says:

    Caryn, your bracelet is fabulous! Congrats on teaching the class! ;)

  3. Little Round Chick
    Little Round Chick says:

    Great bracelet and the directions are very easy to follow. I’ve never tried this kind of bead work but I’m going to do it now. Thanks Caryn and have fun teaching your class. :)

  4. MoonBell
    MoonBell says:

    Thank you, I’ll have to try this! So sweet and simple. It’s a great beginner’s project, but I think it’ll keep the interest of anyone with experience, too.

  5. Lynn Eileen Chicky LE
    Lynn Eileen Chicky LE says:

    Caryn, these are so beautiful! Thanks for sharing the instructions with us! Congrats on getting to teach a class, too! :D

  6. Mommykat Bubbly Chick
    Mommykat Bubbly Chick says:

    Oh, Yay, Caryn you will do a great job! The tutorial is fantastic!

  7. KittyMom Linda
    KittyMom Linda says:

    Wow, I’m definitely going to try this one. I think they would also be a good seller at the shows. I defer to the experts on here for pricing though, sorry! Good luck with the class.

  8. Jade aka Caryn
    Jade aka Caryn says:

    thank you. the great thing about this bracelet is that it looks much more difficult than it is and it is great for a levels. My daughter whipped one up in 10 minutes. This week on vacation I am going to test my non-beading sister to see if it is “idiot” proof…well you know what I mean lol

  9. Chicky Bear-Tara
    Chicky Bear-Tara says:

    Very pretty bracelet. Thanks for the tutorial! I don’t know how much you should charge…for the teaching and the kit…right? I’d say $20.00 to $30.00.

  10. No Photo
    LauraW says:

    I would charge $40 for the class & 4mm materials. I don’t know where you live, but on Long Island, classes range from $25-60 and up, most not including materials. I believe the fees are made by the amount of time needed. $40 on Long Island would be an average price, but if you choose “better” beads you should certainly charge more(ie if you use 8mm instead of 4mm and they are a known brand). I’ve used this tecnique before and it’s perfect for teaching! Great job!

  11. Eeka Mouse
    Eeka Mouse says:

    Are the beads really all 4mm? the blue ones look bigger than the dark ones…

  12. No Photo
    Pati says:

    The blue ones look like 6 mm and smaller ones 4 mm. Great tutorial by the way. Love the bracelet and endless possibilities. Thanks

  13. Lily Cat
    Lily Cat says:

    Good luck on your teaching some classes! It’s a great bracelet!! Thanks for the great instructions!!!

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    YOU say:

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