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A Tribute to Wrigley

About this design:

This necklace is to honor my wonderful Sheltie Wrigley who passed away on Oct. 10, 2010. I am not sure if ths will be the final draft of the necklace and I may change it, but I am happy with it at the moment. It has helped me work thru my sadness.


Custom made pendant, Carnelian, Rhyolite, smokey quartz, gold stone custome lampwaork organic leaf bead, Green girl studios pieces sterling findings.

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  1. NY Bella
    NY Bella says:

    Dawn, so sorry to hear about your Wrigley. Your necklace is so pretty. Love your choice of beads. Is the pendant a picture of him?

  2. Daisy Chick - Dawn
    Daisy Chick - Dawn says:

    Yes Bella that is my Wrigley! He brought me so much joy. Always my little ray of sunshine!

  3. No Photo
    Chicky Zee aka Alice says:

    Dawn this is a lovely necklace in honor of Wrigley. Love the beads and Wrigley pendant!

  4. NY Bella
    NY Bella says:

    Dawn, I’m glad you’ll always have wonderful memories of your Wrigley. I don’t have a dog now, but I still remember my “Bowzer” who has been gone for over 20 years!

  5. amkcreations aka Amanda
    amkcreations aka Amanda says:

    Aww this is very pretty. Sorry to hear about the loss of your puppy-dog.

  6. Daisy Chick - Dawn
    Daisy Chick - Dawn says:

    Thank-you Alice, Bella and Amanda! Your kind comments mean a lot to me! I have such good memories now and they make me smile. We had our first few snowflakes today. He always loved to roll in the snow like a little butterbear!

  7. Elaine aka Belly Chick
    Elaine aka Belly Chick says:

    So sorry to hear about losing your companion Wrigley; I know how heart-wrenching it can be to have a furry member of the family pass away. He was a beautiful dog….and you have an amazing necklace to honor him. :-)

  8. No Photo
    Dora H says:

    so sorry about Wrigley..and what a beautiful tribute to him

  9. Daisy Chick - Dawn
    Daisy Chick - Dawn says:

    Thank-you Elaine and Dora! I appreciate your kind words and so happy you like the necklace.

  10. Donna Kate
    Donna Kate says:

    Dawn, I’m so sorry about your beautiful Wrigley. I lost my wonderful Shiba, Chili in August at age 13, and I’m still not over it. I love your necklace and understand just what you mean about it helping you to work through your sadness. I made a charm bracelet for Chili’s tribute, with all sorts of doggy angels and little sterling tear drops. I even found a doghouse that will hold his photo once I figure out how to reduce it. It does help. How lucky we were to have these wonderful little creatures in our lives.

  11. No Photo
    Orchid Betty says:

    I am so sorry to hear about your loss, it’s so hard to lose one of our fur- friends I guess you expect him to come running even if you know that he’s gone! Beautiful necklace to honor Wrigley and remember the beautiful moments that you shared!

  12. No Photo
    Jeannes Gems - Gem Chick says:

    I’m so sorry for your loss. Your beautiful necklace is a wonderful tribute to him. You’ll always have him close in your heart.

  13. Lynn Eileen Chicky LE
    Lynn Eileen Chicky LE says:

    Dawn, my sympathies again on your beloved Wrigley’s passing. I know it takes a long time to recover from such a deep loss — one never truly “gets over it”. What a beautiful remembrance you’ve created to honor him! The pendant is fantastic — did you make it? Hugs to you, dear friend!

  14. karen blasdel
    karen blasdel says:

    Dawn, my heartfelt sympathies to you on losing your beloved Wrigley. It is devastating to lose our pets. You have made a wonderful tribute to him.
    Thank you for sharing with us.

  15. Pam E aka funky tulip
    Pam E aka funky tulip says:

    Dawn, so sorry for your loss, and thanks for sharing such a wonderful tribute. Our pets really are part of our families, and it’s never easy when they are gone.

  16. Daisy Chick - Dawn
    Daisy Chick - Dawn says:

    Our Wrigley was only 6 years old. What our vet thought was an upset stomach turned into a mass the next day at the emergency vet. The mass showed up on an ultrasound and you could not feel it. It was such a sudden shock we were not prepared for. I miss him everyday.

    Donna your bracelet sounds just beautiful, I would love too see it. and yes Betty I keep looking for him in his favorite spots. Thanks Jeanne for your kind thoughts and Lynn I had the pendant made. It is glassThis was one of the last pictures I took of Wrigley. E were up at the farm on vacation in August, happier times. He loved the farm. Thank you girls for your support and warm comments. It does ease my heart.

  17. No Photo
    Mary - Sweet Chick says:

    What a lovely rememberance of your dear Wrigley, Dawn. I so glad it has helped you to work through the sadness and on to the healing of your heart.
    It is very beautiful!!

  18. No Photo
    Deb D Grammy Chick says:

    Oh, my dear friend, what a beautiful, loving tribute to your wonderful Wrigley. I just knew that you would find the perfect way to ease some of the pain in your heart, and you found it in the creation of this lovely necklace. I know this will always be a special piece for you…wear it with the joy he brought to your life, knowing that he is always beside you. Hugs and prayers!

  19. Daisy Chick - Dawn
    Daisy Chick - Dawn says:

    Thank-you Mary and Deb! I have him over my heart as we speak. Thanks Deb with the information about the healing stones!

  20. Lynn g
    Lynn g says:

    What a great sentimental piece, I am sure you will wear it all the time.

  21. Jewelry by Shannon
    Jewelry by Shannon says:

    What a beautiful tribute to your beautiful sheltie! I love it!! SLS

  22. sunny chick
    sunny chick says:

    Dawn, this is absolutely beautiful! What a fabulous tribute to your beloved Wrigley! He’s home now – right by your heart – just where he belongs!

  23. grama rose aka stormy
    grama rose aka stormy says:

    I feel so bad for you it is sad when a dog grows old but to be cut down in his prime is really a shocker…I love the tribute and I amagine you will wear this all the time…My sister still has her old dogd collar,tags everything hanging on her mirror in the car!!!
    My dogs will probab;;y out live me then I must worry about a home for them….Hugs D

  24. Gemme Designs
    Gemme Designs says:

    Oh Dawn, I’m so sorry to hear that, it brings tears to my eyes… I know how this hurts and how hard it is when they go so suddenly. So many sweet memories, so many die hard habits; you see him everywhere, you hear him, you look for him. I still cry when I think about my Sacha who passed already 7 months ago, seems like yesterday she was still here. But my sweet new puppy friend helps a lot, otherwise I could not bare the void. The nicest thing someone said to me then, was that Sacha is now an angel watching over our family, I often find comfort in that :) May you find comfort in your memories and eventually a new friend! :) Take care.

  25. Gemme Designs
    Gemme Designs says:

    Oh I forgot, you necklace is a wonderful idea, I might borrow it! :)

  26. Daisy Chick - Dawn
    Daisy Chick - Dawn says:

    This is to say thank-you to all you nice ladies I haven’t had a chance to thank. I do appreciate all of your kind words. I am still healing. I was helping my Mom, she just had a hip replacement. We decided to watch movie about a dog one afternoon and we cried and cried. It was a 5 star tissue terror. Great movie but I wasn’t ready to see such sadness. No more dog movies for me for a while. Johanne please use this idea to help you heal too. That is what our garden here at LB is all about sharing ideas!

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