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Extreme Makeover When Hubby is away

About this design:

I am so happy I finally have a space to call my own, This new space is where I will be making my treasures (jewelry) I use to do it at my dining room table.. This space use to house a bunk bed, I got rid of it and my sister helped me with the rest, (she is a interior decorator) She made the work table and the display/ organizer, it is made of dresser drawers painted and decorated. I have the space under the work desk to for storage. I have a window that looks out to my back yard over looking my gazebo and my 3 story windmill (built by my father many years ago) which now is occupied by chickens. And also the beautiful Fox River. My hubby and daughter are in Mexico, he is the one that wanted the bunk bed there, I decided It needed a change..


All furniture was reused to make something new, The shelf was a old dresser (drawers were used) the desk was a old door.. My sister wanted to add the mirror to make the space seem bigger. This is set against a natural brick wall. Now I have to add all my jewelry supplies..

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  1. Pam E aka funky tulip
    Pam E aka funky tulip says:

    Good for you! Every artist (and woman) needs a room of her own…it’s a great space, post more pix when you’ve moved in

  2. No Photo
    K H says:

    I am so jealous – I live for the day that I have a space like that. For now, I work in a corner of my husband’s home office!!!! :)

  3. Beadlady3 aka Cindy
    Beadlady3 aka Cindy says:

    This is amazing! I just have a folding table & some wire cubes. You are so fortunate to have a sister with that talent! I love the display idea…I have a couple of old dressers in the garage that just might be useful after all! 8)

  4. Boston Lady
    Boston Lady says:

    Lynn, this is an amazing space to call home for you and your beads. I wish I had a space like this but I remain hunched over on my bed upstairs. While my husband was away I used the dining room table but now Cinderella is back from the ball. HA! Oh by the way, we just had a small earthquake. This is the second one since this morning. That was a 4.9er. This one was big enough to shake the house. But I digress. Great workspace Lynn! Good luck to you. I’m certain you will make some gorgeous designs in your own space. Can’t wait to see them all.

  5. Lynn Eileen Chicky LE
    Lynn Eileen Chicky LE says:

    Lynn, this is fantastic! How wonderful to have all this space for your creative spirit to flourish! Kudos to you and your sister for designing this! :D

  6. Orchid Betty
    Orchid Betty says:

    I am so happy for you Lynn! Your sister creation is so creative, functional and beautiful, enjoy it!

  7. sunny chick
    sunny chick says:

    Fabulous! What an inspirational work (play?) area. :D

  8. karen blasdel
    karen blasdel says:

    Congrats Lynn on your awesome new work space, it feels so good to have a place to call your own. I love the use of unused furniture for shortage, your sister is a great designer. Enjoy!!!

  9. No Photo
    Mary - Sweet Chick says:

    This is a great space Lynn!
    I look forward to all the new creations that will flow from you and this new, creative space!

  10. No Photo
    D D Mystic Chick says:

    Lynn, lucky you! Enjoy your space! :)
    I do my jewelry making, etc. in the dining room, which those of you who do the same know the problems that arise with that. I’ve got my whole studio planned in my head and it would be great to make it a reality some day!

  11. FaeryGoth Chick
    FaeryGoth Chick says:

    That is just wonderful Lynn! I have a room in our house that I call my hobby room, it still isn’t furnished but it will be someday. I want all of my fantasy stuff like my dragon and faerie figurines in there, as well as my crystals and of course a desk where I can work with my beads :-) I hope it will be finished soon. Here is a picture of my room :-)


  12. Wemai Coffee Chick
    Wemai Coffee Chick says:

    This look so nice, Lynn! I have a room, but it def need organizing and cleaning, so maybe some day it will be as nice as yours!

  13. Eeka Mouse
    Eeka Mouse says:

    Have fun in your new creating space, Lynne! What a cool idea for using orphaned drawers…

  14. No Photo
    Deb D Grammy Chick says:

    Yea for you, Lynn…it’s fantastic that you finally have your own space, and a wonderfully creative one, at that! That must be some sister you have! I love re-purposing things, and the two of you did a great job of that! I have my own space (sort of) in a small bedroom that is also home to a large corner computer desk, upright freezer, 2 bookcases and a filing cabinet! I confiscated a bookcase last weekend, cleared it off, and organized it for storage. My bead table was an old computer printer desk that I got used from work, and it sits against 1 wall. I also have an old Army amunition box that I built shelves into for storage, and a very large cork board to hang beadstrands, small bags of beads, etc. It’s all in a small amount of space, but it works for now…better than the dining room table I used to use!

  15. Lynn g
    Lynn g says:

    Thanks ladies, I just have to fill it up.. That is the easy part.

  16. No Photo
    BeadAddict says:

    How nice! I wish I had such a creative spot like this to work in, I’m typically at the dining table too. The mirror over the workbench is a great idea, not just to make the space seem bigger – I know I’m always getting up and walking across the house to look at something in the mirror. I do have a nice big drafting table in my office, but it has all my husband’s junk on it. Now if only he’d take a trip… Enjoy!

  17. Lynn g
    Lynn g says:

    That would be nice if the hubby’s could take a trip, and I have more ideas going on in my head.

  18. Jewelry by Shannon
    Jewelry by Shannon says:

    I’ve enjoyed reading this trail … Lynn, congrats on your new work space … looks like great fun. Love the mirror and nice large desk/table. A true place for creating, all for you! Enjoy!! SLS

  19. Kmathies
    Kmathies says:

    Awesome! :)

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