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About this design:

I know some of you have been busy orgainizing your bead work areas. I have several of these organizers that I use for my findings. I find the drawers are just the right size. They are easy to pick up and carry - and some of them have a place on the back that you can hang them on the wall. If you Google - you can not find these under craft supplies. They are listed as small parts orgainzers. They work great - and depending on the size - are pretty inexpensive.

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  1. No Photo
    Lesa C says:

    I have also been organizing my beads & trying to keep them from taking over my art room. I went to Dick’s sporting good and found in their fishing department mess tackle kits with plastic compartment trays with lids, several sizes with many compartments. I also found tackle pack jars, 2″x1 1/4″, 5 stacked jars per bag with screw on tops, hard clear plastic jars, for $2.99! I have found similar jars in hobby shops & bead shops for $4.99 per jar or around $15 for a set. These are slightly smaller than the hobby store ones, but they would be perfect for seed beads, smaller beads & gems or smaller pearls. I was excited and bought the only 2 bags left of them. I am wondering if they may also come in larger containers! The only draw back is all my stuff says “field & stream” on it, except the jars, no writing on the jars! But I’m the only one using them, so I don’t care! :-}

  2. Bead-itudes
    Bead-itudes says:

    Great ideas Lesa. When you first start beading those craft boxes that you can find every where work okay. But any one who has been beading for awhile knows, before long you have way to many of those boxes and you can’t keep them organized. I also try to find storage/organizers/boxes that can be transported easily and safely without everything spilling out, because I like to take my beading stuff with me on trips.

  3. Natures Precious Gems
    Natures Precious Gems says:

    I use these same organizers! I have several and try to label all the drawers. I’ve found the best place to buy them is at Menard’s.

    I would like to know how others store their sterling silver. I currently have them in baggies according to what it is. This is daunting when you are in overdrive designing!

  4. Lynn g
    Lynn g says:

    I have some something like this, and it works great..

  5. No Photo
    love to bead aka Donna says:

    I have these also I purchased them at Wal-Mart. They do work great when I put my beads away.

  6. Lynn Eileen Chicky LE
    Lynn Eileen Chicky LE says:

    Donna, you’ve got me LOL — I have the very same problem!!! Beads in bags, beads in boxes, beads taking over the house…… 8O

  7. Bead-itudes
    Bead-itudes says:

    I try to keep my sterling silver in the little baggies they come in until I’m ready to use them. It seems to keep them from tarnishing as fast. I have some friends who don’t like me to use Sterling in their jewelry because it tarnishes. They perfer I use base metal.

  8. Natures Precious Gems
    Natures Precious Gems says:

    @ Lynn, I totally have the same problem!…beads in bags, boxes, drawers, piles! Yes, they are overflowing from my bead room, that’s why I couldn’t go to Tuscon this year :(

    @ Bead-itudes seems that is the best way to keep the sterling. I also have little clear tubes I use for smaller sterling beads like seed bead tubes. My local bead shop kept them in these and when she went out of business she was giving them away.

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