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fresh picks

Fresh Picks by Dizzy Chick Lori Z

“:) Snow Day! :)”

“My Girl”

“My Boy”

“Mookaite Mooky Mooky”

“Blueberry Time!”

“Build-A-Pick #3”

“Emerald City”

“The Twister”

“The Lollipop Guild”

“Verdi (b)”

“...or a Bad Witch???”

“Are you a Good Witch...”

“Haunted Forest”

“Malachite's Companions”

“Lions & Tigers & Bears, O My”

“Roadside Wildflowers”

“Wreck of Edmumd Fitzgerald”

“Homemade Salsa with Chips”

“Wish 4 my Favorite Beads 2”

“Wish 4 my Favorite Beads”

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