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fresh picks

Fresh Picks by Faithful Chick aka Faith

“Turquoise, Red, and Brown”

“Never Promised A Rose Garden”

“Blue Christmas-By Elvis”

“Peachy Keen”

“Seraphinite Angels”

“Cherry Coke Float”

“Lacey Looks Lovely”

“Jaded Woman, still Beautiful”

“Key West Dreaming”

“A Touch of Golden Honey”

“Blueberry Buckle”

“The Golden Child”

“Out on a limb/out of the box”

“Kunzite n Kopper”

“Apocalypto Mel Gibson direc”

“Tanzanite Dream”

“On My Christmas List”

“Holly And Berries”

“Rudolph Red Nose Raindeer”

“Big Purring Mr. Murphy Kat”

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