fresh picks

Fresh Picks by Faithful Chick aka Faith

“Agate a New Friend N Beads”

“Turquoise Splendor”

“Florite Challenge for Nicole”

“SooCho Jade”

“Pick #150 Doozy of a Druzy!!”

“For Jeanne Gems Chick?? ;)”

“Love the Sparkle”

“Giant Carmel Chocolate Apple”

“Florite Follies Little Dance”

“Picture of a Picture Jasper”

“Black Leopard Skin Again”

“Mish Mash”

“Top Brass”

“Good Egg & Bad Egg”

“Plum Pudding”

“Green and Red All Over”

“Copper and Gold”

“The Purple Kingdom”

“Turetella and the Hair ??LOL”

“Turetella Challenge / Wenche”

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