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fresh picks

Fresh Picks by Faithful Chick aka Faith

“Warmth of True love”

“Teal and Silver”

“My Roses for Sunny Valentine”

“Black Leopard Skin & Carnell”

“So Not Me - But I Like It”

“Golden Sunlight Skies”

“Antique Jade '2'”

“Midnight At The Oasis”

“Time On My Hands”

“1940 A Classic Look Art Deco”

“My Funny Valentine”

“Oh Bother It's Pooh's Honey”

“Green & The Golden Buddah”

“Queen For A Day!!”

“The Bird Cage”

“Sunshine On My Shoulder...”

“Mint Chocolate Chip Icecream”

“Blues Brothers in Their Best”


“When You Wish Upon A Star”

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