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fresh picks

Fresh Picks by Faithful Chick aka Faith

“Natural Nature Bird Watching”

“Turquoise Majesty”

“Birch Jasper &”

“African Ryolite, Smokey Quar”

“Well Here's Horse Another C”

“A Snake Somewhere in There”

“Mystic of Leopard Skin Jaspe”

“Cool Warmth”

“Green Green Grass of Home”

“Midnight Star Bright and Sno”

“Purple Posie Pick”

“Evergreen & Sleeping Garden”

“Cherry Red”

“Chocolate Covered Cherries”

“Berries and Angel Food Cake”

“Copper Focal Beads”

“Odd Man Out”

“Spectator Sports”

“Powdery Blue and Silver”

“A Touch of Gold”

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