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Design Your Own Fresh Picks FAQ

How do I get started?

  1. Sign up for an account (or log in)
  2. Browse around to find products you think go well together.
  3. Look for the Pink Flower option to add them to your designs—it’s easy from there.

Who can design Fresh Picks?

You can! Any Lima Beads customer can design their own Fresh Picks. All you need is a Lima Beads Account (it’s fast & free)

How many Fresh Picks can I design?

You can design as many as you’d like, but designing and sharing at least 10 will make you super cool in our book!

Will other Lima Beads customers be able to see my Fresh Picks?

While designing your Fresh Picks, you’ll see an option called “Sharing”. If sharing is turned off, others cannot see the Fresh Picks you’ve created :( If you turn sharing on, your great ideas can be shared with the world! :)

How do I add a bead to one of my Fresh Pick Designs?

Shop the Lima Beads web site and look for the Flower symbol to open the Fresh Pick design tool. Choose the Fresh Pick you’d like to add to (or create a new one) and click the big “Add” button below the item.

How do I remove a bead from one of my Fresh Pick Designs?

Once you have the Fresh Pick design tool open (by clicking on the Flower mentioned above), you can drag items into the small green trash can in the lower left corner. This will instantly remove the item from your Fresh Pick.

How do I rearrange the order of beads in my Fresh Pick Designs?

It’s so easy and fun! From the Fresh Pick design window, click on items and drag them around. When you’re finished and happy with your arrangement, be sure to click “save my arrangement” at the bottom of the Fresh Pick — if you don’t, you’ll lose your changes.

Can I use a bead more than once?

Each bead can only be used once per Fresh Pick, but you can use the same bead in as many different Fresh Picks as you’d like.

What should I name my Fresh Pick Design?

You can name your Fresh Picks whatever you’d like. We like to name our Fresh Picks based on what they make us think of or feel. For example: “Bright Summer Day” or “Stroll in The Woods” — name them whatever you’re feeling while designing them!

Can I change the name of my Fresh Pick Design later?

You sure can. In the left navigation area (beneath the search box) you’ll see an option called “Fresh Picks”. If you click this, all of the Fresh Pick options will appear. Choose “My Fresh Picks” to go to the page that lists out all of your Fresh Picks. To change the name of a Fresh Picks, simply click on “Rename”.

How will my name appear with my Fresh Pick Designs?

However you’d like! On the “My Fresh Picks” page, you’ll see your screen name right at the top. If you click “Change Screen Name” you can type in whatever you’d like and it’ll appear with all of your shared Fresh Picks.

How do I get a photo to appear with my name and Fresh Pick?

On the “My Fresh Picks” page, you’ll see your current photo at the top. Click “Change” under the photo to choose one of ours, or upload your own photo.

How are the "This Week's Favorite" Fresh Picks decided?

We keep track every time someone adds a Fresh Pick to their favorites. Each week, we look at these numbers and list out the Fresh Picks that have been the most favorite.

How do I delete a Fresh Pick that I've designed?

On the “My Fresh Picks” page, you’ll see an option to “Delete this Fresh Pick” beneath each Fresh Pick image. Simply click that link and confirm that you’d like to delete!

Is “Design Your Own Fresh Picks” a temporary feature on Lima Beads?

Nope! This is something we have built into our web site and we plan to keep it forever. We want Lima Beads to be a place of endless ideas for designers all over the world!

How can I make a suggestion to Lima Beads about "Design Your Own Fresh Picks"?

We would love to hear from you! Simply visit the Feedback page and send us your thoughts.

How do I get my Fresh Pick design to show up with Lima Beads products?

You’ll notice that a few Fresh Picks show up on each Lima Beads product page. These Fresh Picks are chosen randomly, so your Fresh Pick design has a good chance of showing up right next to any product you use in the design.

What happens when a bead in my Fresh Pick Design goes out of stock?

From the “My Fresh Picks” page, you’ll see a link to “Shop this Pick” for each of your Fresh Pick designs. If you follow that link, you’ll quickly be able to see which items in your Fresh Pick are out of stock. You can either leave the items in the Fresh Pick and wait for them to come back in stock, or you can remove the items and replace them with something else.

What happens with Lima Beads discontinues a bead that is in my Fresh Pick Design?

It doesn’t happen very often, but when Lima Beads discontinues an item, it disappears from our web site completely. These items will stop appearing in your Fresh Pick. When you open the Fresh Pick design tool, this item will be flagged and it will ask you to remove the item.

Will Lima Beads still offer Fresh Picks created by the Lima Beads team?

We sure will! You can always find the Lima team’s Fresh Picks under “Lima’s Picks”.

The Lima Team is dedicated to bringing a fresh approach to beading. We've combined an array of textures, colors, patterns, and shapes to help you create fabulous and fresh designs.