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Easter Egg Hunt

To all the egg hunters:

The 14th Annual Easter Egg Hunt ended on Sunday, April 9th. Congratulations to all the hunters that were on the leaderboard at the end of the contest! It took a lot of determination, and your $20 Gift Certificates are well-deserved :) The gift certificates were sent to your e-mail addresses this afternoon, so keep an eye on your e-mail for the details.

A special congratulations is in order for H Knous, who was our randomly-selected Grand Prize winner from the Top 25 on the leaderboard! Your gift certificate is being sent via e-mail. You had some long stretches of hunting over a couple days... you earned some relaxation! And that goes for all the rest of the hunters, too :)

Here are a few fun facts from this year's hunt:

  • L Merrell found all 300 eggs this year... That has only happened once before, in 2021! Since we started hiding lots of eggs (100+), this is only the second time someone has found them all. Great work!
  • About 124,000 eggs were found in total... At today's average price per dozen, that would be over $40,000 in eggs!
  • From the I.T. Desk: no server crashes this year :)
  • The most commonly-found egg was the one right at the top of the Beads page. More people found this than the big one on the home page (which is always physically the largest egg on the site).
  • There were 8 eggs that were found by fewer than 100 hunters. The least-commonly found egg was found by 46 people. No clues, though :)

We say this every year, but we truly mean it: Thank you for making the hunt a big success again. Whether you found one egg or made it to the Top 25, we're eternally grateful for the time you spend hunting for those pesky little eggs. You are all all-stars in our eyes.

Last, but not least, we really hope you had fun! If you ever have any feedback to share (good or bad), we'd love to hear it :)

- The Lima Team

The Goal

Find the Easter Eggs we've hidden all over our web site. Get lots of great prizes, including Gift Certificates & a $250 Grand Prize, and tons of supplies!

Your Progress

You haven't found any eggs yet. Better get hunting!

0out of 300

The Prizes

Find just a few eggs, and you win! Choose from tons of prizes based on the number of eggs you've found. The more you find, the more prizes you can choose!

Check out the prizes »

The Breakdown

Where are all the eggs? Read below for information about where the eggs are hiding:

We've scattered the eggs in all corners of our website, with some exceptions. You won't need to hunt on pages under the following menus: "Supplies", "Artists & Brands", "Deals", "What's Fresh" (New Products, Back in Stock, etc), or the "Create & Learn" menu (including Fresh Picks and the Design Gallery). When you try and access those 5 menus in the green bar, there is a friendly reminder in the drop-down that there aren't any eggs there. Everywhere else is fair game, and you need to be logged into your account to see all the eggs. For more specifics on where the eggs can be, see the FAQ below.

How hard is the hunt?

0-50 Eggs

Even if you're just a casual egg hunter, finding 50 shouldn't be much of a problem. In fact, you can find a few dozen eggs from just one click away from the LimaBeads.com home page.

50-100 Eggs

If you're going for the top prize levels, you'll have to be prepared to dig a little deeper to find the eggs. You don't need to drive yourself insane (see below), but your family might wonder where you disappeared to.

100-300 Eggs

Once you've found 100 eggs, it's all about your competitive spirit. If you want to stay on the leaderboard, or if you have your eye on some great prizes, you'll need to scour every last little page on the site! Warning, craziness may ensue :)

The Chatter

Talk about the Easter Egg Hunt on the blog (but don't give any hints! :) Read more & post YOUR comments!

  1. No Photo
    MaryBethL says:

    Finally made it into the running for the Grand Prize Drawing – on my 6th try

  2. diamonddustshoe
    diamonddustshoe says:

    Well, that’s that!
    I felt like this year was smoother sailing, and looks like the leaderboard numbers agree! Personally, I didn’t hit those big deserts like I used to, which I really appreciated. :) …now if we could just get that “related items” part of pages to disappear–maybe just for the hunt!
    Anyway, all that’s left now is for Steve to drop my name slip on the floor, as is tradition! ;)

  3. No Photo
    mariman says:

    Hi Steve, Lima Team and egg hunters! I have to admit that this year the first 2,5 days were very difficult for me. I don’t know why, but I was very frustrated and I even thought of giving up. Thank God I didn’t. From that point on I enjoyed it as always. I’m looking forward to the next one. I already checked the date of the catholic easter for next year :P . Last year I think I had 298 eggs, this year 297 and I can’t stop wondering, where those last eggs are. Is there a place where I haven’t looked for eggs? I would like to reach 300 just once. By the way congrats to L Merrell For achieving it. Hope to see you all next year! Thank you Lima Team!!!

  4. No Photo
    mariman says:

    Diamonddustshoe I would also like the issue with the “show all…” under the “related products” to be clarified. Do we have to click on it? The same goes with the horizontal bars, which show the materials or the styles. Do we have to click on that purple arrow every time we change the page?

  5. Leah Elaine
    Leah Elaine says:

    First year and I made it on the leaderboard!! Just barely :) I went to sleep a bit early at 1am (east coast – ended at 3am for me!) for my mental health lol but knew I’d be ln trouble and likely knocked out of the board – sooooo happy I wasn’t! Makes it all feel worth it

  6. Leah Elaine
    Leah Elaine says:

    Now time to rest – I’ve been having dreams about clicking links and sorting through which links to click next (in very obnoxious cant-actually-sleep-can-only-process-links form) for DAYS xD

  7. ChristmasLoco85
    ChristmasLoco85 says:

    Congratulations to everyone! Took a screenshot of when I was 18th with 193, and it all went downhill from there. Lol missed the leaderboard by 4. Oh well. :) I’ve got some cool prize selections coming my way!! Thank you LimaBeads!

  8. No Photo
    karendk says:

    It was a great hunt this year! I feel the same as diamonddustshoe-not as many egg deserts. Seems as soon as I screamed “I just want an egg please” one would soon show up! Thanks to everyone at Lima Beads for this yearly game of fun! Also have the same questions as mariman-can we get an answer to them before the next hunt? I’m “eaegger” to hear a clarification on those items as well! Good luck everyone in the top 25! Already looking forward to next year

  9. Kimberlywilliams60
    Kimberlywilliams60 says:

    Congratulations everyone !! Especially to L merrell that was a hard won battle for sure….. while it seemed more challenging this year I too appreciated that the”bead deserts ” didnt seem quite so long …..Thank you Lima team so much for putting this on for us …..I tell my family when this comes up that this is my “deer season” so don’t expect too much of me all week :) Thankfully they are supportive …..I think I saw eggs in my sleep last night

  10. Steve
    Steve says:

    Hi All! I hope you all had a great weekend.

    Thank you for all the kind words about the hunt. I’m glad you had fun (even though it was frustrating at times)! I hope you enjoy the prizes you picked up! If you ended up on the leaderboard, congratulations! We’ll be sending out gift certificates via e-mail today. And watch the Hunt Page for a little recap, including the announcement of the grand prize winner.

    Thanks again for a great week of hunting!

Read more & post YOUR comments on the blog.

The Leaderboard

The Leaderboard shows the top 100 hunters. Get on the leaderboard and compete for the Grand Prize! At the end of the hunt, one lucky egg hunter in the top 25 will receive a $250 Lima Beads gift certificate in a random drawing. Everyone else on the leaderboard when the hunt ends gets a $20 gift certificate! So get hunting!

Rank Name Found
1 L Merrell 300
2 Karina G 298
3 Junifer N 297
3 mariman 297
5 S Harper 296
6 Marianne L 295
7 L Thompson 294
8 karendk 291
8 KS 291
10 diamonddustshoe 290
11 Cyn O 289
11 L Shipman 289
11 Vibeke S 289
14 EPBCornell 288
14 J Brister 288
16 LM A 287
17 David T 286
17 J Francis 286
19 H Knous 285
19 Kimberlywilliams60 285
19 MaryBethL 285
22 Cindy Marie 284
22 M Rowe 284
22 Olivia F 284
25 Gina 283
25 Jacquie H 283
25 Kristine C 283
25 urunimi 283
↑ The Top 25 are entered in the drawing for the Grand Prize!
29 KatieKat 281
29 NY Beader 281
31 Emily N 280
31 Sharon S-R 280
33 Amelia T 279
34 1beepbeep 278
34 Bobbie N 278
34 Kim L 278
34 P Robins 278
38 pwalker37391 277
39 Meaghan M 276
39 M glazier 276
39 Sashae 276
42 B Hein 275
42 C Debor 275
44 CJoseph 273
45 1tsme0417 272
45 Elaine Surrayahs Jewels 272
45 LuLuCats 272
45 V Brantley 272
49 WallyWest 271
50 C Reinsch 270
51 D Brent 269
52 whats_the_point66 268
53 Suzanne I 267
54 amyjcox 266
55 Becky Ann 265
56 Jamee B 264
56 SimplyStacyJewelry 264
56 Vee aka Dream Chickie 264
59 C Scaramastra 263
59 Marianna G 263
61 Miranda P 262
61 Stone Treasures 262
63 Bumblebee 261
63 juliamriley22 261
65 C kern 260
65 Karokat 260
65 MichelleD 260
65 S Marlow 260
69 rosebud 259
70 ashsha 258
70 Michael W 258
70 nodakgirl 258
73 SimplyRox 257
74 arielswaves 256
74 A Sewell 256
76 Missigirl 255
77 H Mathias 254
77 NettyPreat Designs 254
79 Janet F 2 253
80 D Gooding 252
80 D Schamp 252
80 Gentry H 252
83 Beanie 251
83 GingersnappyG 251
83 Luisa K 251
86 Desiree Cook 250
86 V Born 250
88 C Sax 249
89 T CORNISH 248
90 E Madden 247
90 gjpaking 247
90 Jeni-from-Oz 247
93 Laura Zen 245
93 Warped Wire Studio 245
95 D Lawler 244
96 Jemerie b 242
97 Amb S 241
97 Earl and Joy 241
97 Good Karma Designs 241
100 Leah Elaine 238
100 Rose Jewelry 238

(Can't see the rankings above? You may have to disable any ad-blocking browser plugins)


Are there eggs hidden in the "additional photos" and other popups?

Just like last year, we did not hide any eggs in the "additional photos" or other similar areas that require an additional click/tap to appear. That means you don't have to click on the links to "see the bigger photo" or "additional photos" (or similar popups) to find any eggs. As we've grown and now carry more products than ever, we felt that it was just too much clicking to find those pesky eggs :)

Are there eggs on "view all" pages?

No, there will not be any eggs on "view all" pages. It is possible that you might find an egg on a "page 2" listing (or page 3, etc). But you don't need to click on any "view all" links.

Will I find eggs by changing the "sort by" option on product listing pages?

No, that will not help you find additional eggs. You will NEVER have to use the sorting menu shown on the right to find eggs. That would just be too cruel :)

Did I just see the same egg in two places?

Our website is pretty big, and there is sometimes more than one way to get to the same product or page. For example, some focal links are listed under the Charms & Pendants menu, but also in the Findings area. Technically, each egg is only in one place, but you can find some of them in multiple ways.

If each egg is only on one "page" of the website, what exactly is a page?

You can think of a page on the website as anything you can get to by clicking a link or a picture. Here are a few examples of different pages that you can find eggs on:

  • The home page
  • Any link you can click on in the green footer of the site
  • Any of our shopping categories (like Gemstone Beads, Clasps, etc)
  • Any page that has listings of products, including pages that you get to by clicking "Next Page" when there are too many products to show on the first page
  • Starting on the Metal Beads page, and filtering down to a particular metal AND style of beads.

Are there any excluded areas?

Yes, there are areas of our website where you won't find any eggs. You don't need to look anywhere under following menus: Supplies, Artists & Brands, Deals, What's Fresh, or Create & Learn.

Do I need to be logged into my account to see all the eggs?

Yes, make sure you are signed into your account when hunting. We need to you sign in so we can keep track of the number of eggs you've found.

The Rules

  • The contest ends at 11:59pm US Pacific time on April 9, 2023 (Easter). This means you need to make sure and do the following by this time:
    • Collect all the eggs you can find.
    • From the Prizes page, add the prize(s) you want to your shopping bag and place your order—all prizes must be redeemed by the end of the contest. These gifts are available while supplies last, so we don't recommend waiting until the end of the hunt to redeem them. Normal shipping rates will apply when placing an order that includes a gift.
    • Watch this page for an announcement about the $250 drawing on Monday, April 10.
  • There are a total of 300 Easter eggs that we've hidden for you to collect. Those are the only ones that count toward the prizes, and you must click on them to collect them. You might see some picture of eggs in promotional materials (like the ones in the grass at the top of this page)... those don't count toward your total.
  • We can't offer rain checks on the prizes, so make sure to place your order when you've unlocked the prizes, because they're only available while supplies last!
  • We think we have enough free beads to go around... but in case we run short, we reserve the right to substitute a product of equal value as your prize (hey, it's free, right?) :). We also reserve the right to update this list of rules if it needs clarification later.
  • Normal shipping rates apply. As much as we'd like to, we just can't afford to give away free beads AND ship them for free, too. If you add your prizes to an order over $50, you'll get the same free shipping you always get (in the U.S.). For international orders, or if your U.S. order is under $50, normal shipping rates will apply.
  • Please don't share the locations of the eggs. This ruins the fun for everyone :) Also, you must find the eggs yourself--you can't have a robot (or a computer) do it for you. Location sharers and robots will be disqualified from winning prizes! Gotta keep it fair for the rest of us!
  • The most important rule: have fun!