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Canadian Jade Beads

These Canadian jade gemstone beads are a lovely dark leaf green color; speckles of black are dotted throughout the stone.

Canadian jade is a true jade that is becoming very popular very quickly. The consistent rich green coloring is unlike any other natural stone and it polishes to a very nice shine!

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More About Canadian Jade

The term jade is used to refer to two different silicate minerals: jadeite and nephrite. Our Canadian Jade, mined in British Columbia, Canada, is the nephrite variety of jade. Nephrite is not actually a mineral in its own right, but is a tough, compact variety of either tremolite or actinolite, which are both calcium- and magnesium-rich silicate hydroxides. The fibrous structure of Nephrite is so tightly woven that this gemstone is actually tougher than steel! The color of Nephrite varies with its composition, with the dark green coloring arising from the presence of iron.