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Hello, Kitty!

My niece really, really wanted to give me one of her two Hello Kitty charms on our Bead Day, so it's been sitting in my bead box while I tried to...
Components: freshwater pearls, metal seed beads, memory wire


Meditation Beads - wrist length with clasp
Components: Great Lakes Beach Stone, Silver, Turritella Agate, Hematite, Carnelian, Red Creek Jasper, Labradorite, magnetic clasp

Feminine statement bracelet

Statement bracelet.

My intention was to make a very feminine bracelet - also sutitable for weddings.

The bracelet is very labor extensive -...

Seeds and Cones

I got these copper cones from L.B. and tried them out with different beads, but nothing looked really great...until I got some purple seeds.
Components: Ruby Jade, copper shields, raspberry ceramic spacers, purple seed beads, Patricia Healy copper cones and radiant sun copper L.B. ..and lavender waxed linen..L.B.

Mr. Bunny

my take on Easter Bunny
Components: vintaj chain, hook for closure, rabbit head from (hobby lobby), Tiger Eye chips, and i think the round bead is some kind of jasper (from our local bead store)

Dragonfly's Meadow

Spring green grass, yellow flowers and fresh earth is what I trying to portray. Of course, had to had a dragonfly or two.
Components: Soft Flex steel memory wire, Czech 11/0 seed beads in spring green, Italian yellow frost, chocolate brown and silver leaf, pewter dragonfly charms

~ Progress ~

I finished this piece and realized there is something 'off'. Can you see it?
Does it really matter if there is an uneven number of beads.?
Components: Rosewood, silver spacers, white stone (?) all stash, tierra cast clasp (LB)

Memory wire bracelet. A gift to me!

After making the two memory wire bracelets for my friend and her Daughter, I was so happy with them that I decided I would love to have one too, so...
Components: Chinese Turquoise, Red Jasper, Amazonite, memory wire, purple seed beads, green man charm.

Mother,Daughter gifts for close friends

I made these memory wire bracelets for my best friend and her Daughter as a gift of thanks for all of the help and friendship they have given to me...
Components: Chinese Turquoise, Amethyst, purple impression jasper, purple seed beads, memory wire, various charms.

Blue Butterflies

Another adventure in wire work, this time a bracelet with loopy links that look a bit like butterflies. Just played around with colors for...
Components: Blue craft wire, tangerine glass rondelles

Ocean Waves

I'm proud of this one because I learned a few things as I made it and because I wanted the spirals to look like waves breaking, which I think they...
Components: Green Girl clasp, Toho beads, clear glass rounds, silver crimp covers, beading line and wire

Squares on the Round

I enjoy combining different materials. While this looks like a typical square knot hemp bracelet, the knots are done, not around hemp cord, but a...
Components: black hemp (10 lb), black Parawire (20 gauge), TOHO Metallic Rainbow Iris (4mm cube), hypo cement

Wild and Free

I was so pleased to find this new GG button, literally minutes before I placed my LB order. It was a new addition that week and so, BONUS! I got...
Components: GG horse button, natural light brown 2mm leather cord from LB. CzechMates 2 hole 6mm square beads and matte metallic bronze 11/0 seed beads from my stash.

Stretch crystals

elegant looking beaded crystal which you can use on any occasion.
Components: chinese crystals/seed beads and different components

Seek Wisdom

Kylie Parry makes the cutest little owls!
Components: Kylie Parry Owl Bead Ceramic Round Wooden Beads Seed Beads Czech Glass: Piggies, Teardrops, Hour Glass Antique Button Irish Waxed Linen Leather Cording

Down by the Sea

Charm bracelet inspired by the sand and the sea. I love the copper color of the bracelet and bezels that the charms are set into. The blue and sand...
Components: Copper chain, cup chain and 3 needle woven chain make up the 'chain' part of the bracelet. 15mm copper bezels are set with a mix of blue and sand Crystal Clay the mottled mix mimics the movement of sea on sand and sky. I snipped of the loops on the charms and pressed them into the clay. I added chantons to some. The one charm with pressed glass flowers and leaves have crystals all around in in the centers of each flower.

Wrapped Bangle-Dangles

I've had these 6 bangles for awhile...and have been thinking and thinking of what I wanted to do with or TO them LOL This is what I came up with.
Components: 20g copper wire, 20g silverplated wire, 24g antique gold wire, 6 silver/copper/gold bangles, gold jumprings, assorted color glass beads and drops.


Another stab at kumihimo braiding using the Miyuki magatmas. Mixed it up a bit this time nestling in small forest green hex seed beads. Finished...
Components: Miyuki magatama midnight blue iris, Miyuki magatama seafoam green, Swarovski Bermuda blue crystal bicones, silver plated end caps, peacock blue C-Lon, twisted pewter toggle

My Braid Bracelets

My trademark bracelets in various beads and one last silvery cats eye bracelet with a Bible locket for Easter.
Components: Many stones, some from LB, some from my stash. All leather cord is LB, all Irish waxed linen is LB. Buttons from LB and stash, seed beads and metal beads from LB and my stash.

Beach House Bracelet

I created this bracelet as a memento of my latest Bead Cruise. I made these little beach houses right before the cruise and when we pulled into the...
Components: Polymer clay Beach House, Sea Urchin ceramic bead, 8 8mm lampwork spacers, 15mm art metal jump ring, 10 6mm copper jump rings, 9 2" gunmetal eyepins, 18 4mm copper spacers, 6" 22 gauge steel wire, 2" 18 gauge copper wire

Dark Side/Light Side Bangle

I am completely in love with making bangles these days! As a quilter I have lots of fabric left over that I cannot bear to throw away, so now it is...
Components: 16 and 24 gauge wire, quilt batting, cotton, silk ribbon, Amazonite, Amber, Picture Jasper, Australian Jasper, Coral, Czech glass beads

Bead Day!

So yesterday I finally got to do a Bead Day with my seven-year-old niece. We've only been attempting to get together since Thanksgiving, but...
Components: metallic gray-blue freshwater pearls, faceted glass rondelles, brass findings, gold findings, crystal pendant, seed beads, pony beads, manmade egg beads

Slinky Peyote(s)

I finally got the correct beads to do this type of beadweaving. It was such a joy to have the pattern turn out perfectly aligned this time, Yea! I...
Components: Myiuki Delica 11/0 seed beads, Swarovski crystals, copper chain and clasp and black chain from my stash. Artistic wire black jump rings and 20g wire for handmade clasp from LB.

Old Watch Bracelets

My take (well, these watches were what I could find in my town) on beadaholic's famous watch bracelet.
Components: Old non-working ladies watches, split rings, clasps.

Let's Get Married!

This is an 8 cord Kumihimo Braid using silk cord, sterling silver heart and big bling button closure.
Components: I used 4 cords of Nectarine Silk String 2mm and 4 cords of Teal Silk String 2mm. By putting the cords in the right spaces on the Kumihimo Disk I created this spiral design. I finished up with a big bling button and added a sterling silver heart dangle I call it "Let's Get Married!" since my step-daughter is getting married and these are her colors!

~ Spring Fling ~

I got home from work , kicked off my shoes and sat at my bead table. Ahh ;)

Happy weekend all :)

I liked the copper so I had to try it out...
Components: new jade 10 mm, vintaj copper parawire, copper disks and lobster clasp. sp wire, jasper ?, silver disks

Wrap Bracelet

I started with the intent of repeating my previous design but liked the look of the silver wire around the black cord, so instead I added beads to...
Components: black leather cord (1.5 mm), black Irish waxed linen (2 ply), silver plated wire (16 and 26 gauges), TOHO metallic cosmos (8/0 plus two 11/0)

Rough Diamond

Handmade wire weaved bracelet

The idear was to create a bracelet that looked both rough and exclusive

Is It Spring Yet

I love the natural stone-like appearance of opaque luster Czech glass beads. I've been meaning to try some designs using some of the duo type beads...
Components: Czech Mates; opaque luster green triangle, super duo, and 2 hole lentil. I also used super duo ultra luster green for the cuff. Various copper plated findings, a Nunn Design bangle, and the Tierra Cast flower button as a clasp. Jewelry epoxy was used to glue the triangle beaded section to the Nunn bangle.

Hidden Strength

The leather cords were wound with copper wire before the Sari silk, enabling it to hold a round shape without being stiff, and inspiring the name...
Components: Sari silk, leather cord, copper wire, TierraCast copper angel wings

Sparkle Plenty

I don't often use Sparkly crystal beads, but this ribbon just called for it.
Components: Diamond drop chain..LB, Dazzle ribbon in teal and purple, crystal beads, purple and teal Czech flowers and teal Keishi Pearls.

For Orange Lovers

My favorite color! I had collected all these orange beads and I thought it was time to make something totally orange!
Components: Indonesian glass beads, birch bark beads, Fire Agate, dyed Quartzite, Carnelian, assorted orange glass beads, waxed linen, funky Carnelian nuggets and Patricia Healy bumpy toggle..LB.

Cherry Blossom

Chenille stitch again. My sister suggested pink for cherry blossoms.
Its been added to my shop,
Components: Toho seed beads, magnetic clasp

Fire and Water

I absolutely LOVE the Fire Agate square mix from LB! There are 3 stone sizes and each stone has such gorgeous markings. This one had a watery light...
Components: Fire Agate, Aquamarine, Bronzite, Dumortierite, freshwater pearls, Czech glass, Vintaj chain and bead caps, TierraCast spacers and Vinaj Parawire for handmade beaded chain. Everything from LB except the blue seed beads and ice blue Czech glass beads.


I had a funny pendant (from Lima!) I didn't know what to do with...then an idea struck. :) Looks nice with suede, so I'm satisfied! Wore it all...
Components: suede cords (weaved them into a braid) wire and the golden bug from Lima

gilded polyclay bracelet

I have *finally* found my style! I have been playing with polyclay for a while and have created a few things I like. Actually, Angela has created a...
Components: My bracelet bar, lots of raku beads from XAZ, brass findings, Artistic Wire in Gunmetal/Bronze. More bracelet bars. Lots of shapes and colors. The leaf and flower have gilders paste on top of the design. The dark green ovals have the gilders paste deep in the design. The last pic is my mom's favorite... She wants the 3 little flowers dangling from the larger flower as a pendant. Yeah... I'll get to that eventually! :)

wire bracelets

Last night I was suffering from insomnia, so I ended up making these bracelets in the early hours of the morning.
I wrapped the wire around each...
Components: various 10mm round beads - Amazonite, Carnelian, green Agate, 20 gauge gunmetal colored copper wire for the wrapping and to make the jump rings for the chain and also for the clasp which I hammered.

Fringed Turquoise Leather Bracelet

I just fell in love with these Czech glass buttons. Typically I am drawn towards handmade metal buttons and I still do love them, but these Czech...

Endless Color

Still playing around with the memory wire. I was looking at some jewelry that had long sections of hand made coiled wire and thought what a great...
Components: seed beads, coiled wire bracelets, memory wire

Time On My Hands Re-worked

I wasn't happy with the cord connecting the watches nor the toggle clasp....soooo, I took it all out and used 24g Artistic wire from LB to wrap and...
Components: Vintage watches from my jewelry stash...24g Artistic wire from LB, antique gold jumprings and antique gold toggle clasp.