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Make a Stretch Bracelet

In just a few easy steps, make a stretchy bracelet with round beads and a charm for a touch of your personal style. Stack the bracelets for a textured and on-trend look!


First, gather your supplies… You’ll need the following:

  1. A length of stretch cord. The 0.8mm size is the best bet for most beads. Use the 1mm cord size if you know the holes on your beads is large enough.
  2. About 22 8mm beads to string on the cord.
  3. Shears or cutters to cut the cord, and some adhesive (we recommend Hypo Cement).
  4. A meaningful charm or tassel, and findings to connect it to the cord.

The supplies you’ll need are shown above 

Step 1 – Cut 11” of stretch cord. (Tip: if you use a bit of adhesive along the end and then cut a touch off at an angle, you will have a easier time stringing your beads). Begin stringing your beads. You will use approximately 22 8mm round beads. If you want to hide your knot, you’ll also need 1 bead with a larger hole to be strung first.

Step 1 shown above


Step 2 – when all of your beads are strung, test the size around your wrist. If the size feels good, tie a knot, pulling securely. Make sure not to pull too tightly, you don’t want to take out all the stretch. Carefully add a touch of adhesive to this part of the knot.

Step 2 shown above


Step 3 – Tie another overhand knot, making sure that it’s tight. Add a touch more adhesive to the knot before trimming the tails approximately 3mm from the knot. Tuck the knot into the larger hole bead that you strung at the beginning, or if you prefer, leave your knot exposed. In this design, the large hole bead I used, is a slide bail with a little charm hanging off.

 Step 3 shown above


Now, it’s ready to wear! :) Stack several bracelets for a textured, on-trend look!


More inspiration…

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  1. No Photo
    Digidiva says:

    A friend gave me a bunch of beads and asked me to make some stretch bracelets for her. These instructions are perfect.

  2. No Photo
    T Nolan says:

    I love making stretch bracelets. They are super easy and so stylish. I have not used a bail slider before I have a few and I’m going to try them today.
    Thanks for the ideas

  3. No Photo
    Diane N says:

    I’ve been making these for years, but never thought to glue both overhand sections of the knots – thanks for the tip!

  4. No Photo
    M Neal says:

    These instructions are so easy. I had followed some others, and they were awful! So, many thanks for this!!! Perfect!!!

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