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Perched Bird Tassel Necklace

Tassels are everywhere right now, why not dress one up and perch a bird on top? My inspiration for materials and colors comes from the festive...

Unfinished Business

Everyone has pieces that are hanging about, not quite right or not quite finished. Here are mine. The first one I think I need smaller donut beads...
Components: Agate focal, Middle Eastern beads, dzi beads, distressed 2 mm leather (LB). Copper 18, 22 and 28 ga wire, dapped silverplated rounds, rough amethyst briolettes, druzy and turquoise beads. Coral, dzi and middle eastern bead on the fourth pic.

One Orange Necklace

Orange, by the way, is my favorite I finally got some Carnelian and these fabulous orange neck bars..I think it turned out good but I'm...
Components: Carnelian barrels, orange paprika neck bars, Mexican Fire Agate rough chips, one faceted Carnelian, leather strips

Dragonfly Shimmer

Beautiful handpainted Dragonfly pendent wrapped in antique brass filigree. Czech glass fire polished beading in aqua,blue and crystal compliment...
Components: Handpainted Cab (SV Caligraphy)wrapped in Vintaj filigree with Czech glass beading and Vintaj hardware. Vintaj fern charm.

Sahara Dust

This piece sort of took on its on life I had started with the LB recycle glass pieces in yellow and from there I kept adding beads in the same...
Components: Some of the pieces are from LB the recycle glass and czech beads. The others were purchased at another site.

The Wedding

This piece is a combination of silver and white pearl beads. My sister in law did a wedding dress that was not the typical wedding dress and when I...
Components: Beads both silver and white bought at other outlets.

may it be

Happy Holidays, everyone! It's been a while since I've posted a design. Just dropping by to say hello! :) Cheers to you all!...
Components: beadie goodness from Gaea, swoondimples, Pinocean, and Vintaj

Kumi WHAT?

I love all the color of this pendant, and wanted to make a colorful and rustic design with it. One of the bead store ladies suggested kumi(not what...
Components: Raku pendant from Wondrous Strange on Etsy, Czech glass, copper bead caps and clasp, S-lon.


These are another pair of my dragonflies, and I've posted some of those before -- so this is really just to keep up some action here! I made these...
Components: Dragonflies: Bronze wire, 1.5 mm, fused with silver solder. (This bronze has to be annealed first thing, otherwise it is impossible to bend into any decent shape!) Ceramic beads, my own. Sodalite on waxed linen, and patinated copper chain, LB.

Light Pearls

With the holidays so close I wanted to share a quick and easy design. At 21 inches it drapes and looks elegant on all skin tones.
Components: Various sizes of Sand and White round Pearls wth seed beads so that 10 strands hang like 10 but feel like one. Finish this of with cones and a Silver clasp

Nouveau Dream

I love the Art Nouveau stampings that are available now, especially ones of women. The chain is a variant of the Byzantine weave, my favorite.
Components: Jewelry grade aluminum chain, silver plated brass stamping.

Something Special

I made this piece for someone in my secret santa club. Neither less to say I had to take a peek at her page to figure out her style. And I am so...
Components: All LB materials.

Midnight In Blue

This piece is a three strand necklace that I knew stringing it would take away the beauty of the gemstone . So connecting them with silver...
Components: All LB materi.als

Purple Dream

I set some stones several years ago, and they've been languishing in a drawer ever since. I finally decided I'd better do something with them, so...
Components: Nickel silver jump rings, 3/32" 22g, amethyst cut triangle stone, sterling silver finding.

Two-Hole Challenge Necklace

I have never done a challenge piece before, and I like the fact that it pushed me to come up with some ideas I might not have otherwise. I decided...
Components: **TWO-HOLE BEADS: Domed Magnesite, Dk Bronze Czech Tiles 6mm (LB), Super-Duos **OTHER: Jasper, Czech glass rounds (LB), Magnesite, Seed beads (LB), Misc. pebbles/agate, Natural leather, Parachute cord .012, Antique Copper findings/cones, Parawire (LB), Copper wire

Wooly Wire Wrapped Beads Necklace

I had seen Wooly Wire in jewelry designs for so long but didn't know what I was missing until I met the creator Nellie Thomas at BeadFest this year.
Components: 2.5" 18 gauge copper wire 4-6" sari silk ribbon 4-8" Wooly Wire

Jagged Love

Jagged edgy heart proves masculine but feminine in its own right. Antique copper chain has brass jump rings to connect the Lipstick Ranch piece.
Components: Lipstick Ranch heart, antique copper horse eye chain. Brass toggle clasp

Ring of Fire

This was a piece I decided to revisit , because I really did not like how the recycle glass pieces looked in the original design. And since I was...
Components: All LB materials

Black Cherry Wine

I had ordered the recycle glass pieces from Lb but it was suppose to be red . But it did not look that way at all . It was only until I put it...
Components: All Lb pieces.

Aztec Moment

From the time I started rearranging the pieces to begin to work on the name of it already had popped in to my head . The colors and shape of the...
Components: All LB Materials

Amethyst times two

Amethyst dreams like crushed grapes and purple marmalade. Spikes and nuggets and bruised spheres.
Components: Amethyst, crystals, and silver plate findings

Smoke and Fire

This piece was inspired by the Hunger games books. I read all three in a day and a half, no sleep. Then made a fresh pic I called "girl on fire".
Components: Leopard fire agate, smokey quartz, Bronzite, Czech glass, seed beads, and vintaj clasp

Calla Lily

I have been trying to make flowers out of polymer clay, with quite a few failed attempts. I found this tutorial for making Calla Lilies out of...
Components: PC, Czech Glass, Freshwater Pearls, Magnetic Clasp

Last Efforts

Last ditch efforts for this Saturday's artisan fair. Should be nice weather and an early start to all the competing Holiday markets around here....
Components: Copper and Sterling Silver, Amethysts, glass, Swarovski crystals.

Ocean Waves

I grew up mostly in California, on beaches, and I miss the ocean so much. A lot of my jewellery is inspired by the ocean, its waters, its...
Components: Ocean necklace: sterling silver 3.5mm flat round cable chain, sterling silver bubble bead cones, sterling silver wire, sterling silver balloon lobster clasp, 6mm Swarovski blue zircon rounds, 17 strands size 15 Japanese seed beads (see below for colors), 3mm peridot Czech fire polished rounds. Length: 19 inches. Size 15 seed beads: transparent light sapphire with light gold shimmer, matte metallic sky blue, opaque Seattle grey, matte gunmetal, opaque turquoise blue, matte opaque pale turquoise, transparent light azure AB, metallic sea green lined crystal clear, dark aquamarine lined crystal clear, lilac lined crystal clear. Czech fire polished 3mm round beads in peridot. Tiny, tiny beads!!!

Hammered coppr pendant with Irish linen

I was inspired by Ali's Irish linen on Saki silver ... I actually drew a rough sketch of this at work one day, months ago. Last night, for some...
Components: Pendant: hammered copper washer wire wrapped with silver-plated wire; waxed Irish linen (burgundy, rust, gold, turquoise, pink) knotted with jasper bead, blue turquoise opal Czech pressed donut bead, matte opaque sage green peanut seed bead, opaque pastel frosted mudbrick and gold lustered raspberry magatama seed beads, size 6 seed beads in matte black, trasnnsparent beige Picasso, and silver lined matte transparent grey brown, size 6 matte metallic light green iris hex seed bead. Length: 27 inches.

Log Number Two

I've had a tough time with these logs..but I was determined to use them.
Components: polymer clay log, enamel birdhouse, enamel flower, glass leaf, copper little bird, faceted Lemon Jade, Malachite, turquoise coconut heishi, copper chain, lobster claw, waxed linen...wire and sari silk.

Black Tears Revisited

Originally this piece was not like this and it had been sitting on my desk for the longest . But after creating a piece along this same vein . I...
Components: All lb pieces

Feeling Festive

I don't know when I looked at this piece I saw , autumn , summer and warmth all wrapped into one.
Components: All LB pieces

A Buddhist Way

This piece is a conbination of brass pieces and filgree pieces to give that Indian/Buddhist look to it And I glazed it with 24 carat gold eye shadow.
Components: All LB pieces

Here Comes The Sun

Yellow opal seemed like the perfect choice to highlight the sun.
Components: Chocolate shell pearls, Pietersite, crystals, Yellow Opal, stainless steel wire, brass clasp, Lipstick Ranch rusted pendant

Sparrow's Tale

I have been in love with work of Birgitta from Angel Whisperer, so when she approached me to do a trade her beads for mine I jumped at the...
Components: Sparrow pendant "AngelWhisperer "- Carnelian- Rustic Agate- African turquoise- Titanium Pyrite- Ceramic beads " Grubbi "- Antique brass clasp. Most of the gemstones are from Lima Beads

The Oak

Here is the finished piece with the oak leaf I made. I kept it simple, because the leaf is fairly small, and I don't want it to drown in detail....
Components: Bronze sheet metal 0, 4 mm: sawed, etched, hammered, patinated (Norit), and waxed (Conservators wax). And polished... Handmade findings of bronze wire. Waxed linen, 4 Toho beads to hide the knots, jaspis (all from LB, except for the chips).

Foxy choker

I've had this little Tiger's Eye fox for a couple of years, but could never figure out what kind of a necklace to do with him. I really wanted to...
Components: Tiger Eye, gold metal seed beads

Fall Colors

I got these gorgeous Red Jasper beads...just in time for a Fall piece! The Sari Silk was an added plus, as it went well with the beads.
Components: Red Jasper oblong beads, Unakite rounds, Greek ceramic spacers, one glass green leaf, copper rolo chain and Sari Silk.

Lapis Chrysocolla necklace

Fun with a stone I haven't used before: lapis chrysocolla. Paired it with bright and antiqued copper for some visual interest.
Components: lapis chrysocolla, Copper

The ultimate healer .. with a bonus!

The past few weeks I have been very unbalanced. So today I decided to take a day away from my lovely customers and focus on me. I put on my...
Components: Raw apatite specimen sunstone nuggets sodalite chips brass hamsa charm brass chain antique brass wire

Tropical Aventurine finished at last!

Cheery orange Aventurine flower pendant and rondelles mixed with silver rounds and three-hole spacers make this a sunny, tropical choker. It's too...
Components: orange aventurine, Silver, spacers, pendant

Night with the Gypsy

This piece started off with the blue tear drop lb recycle glass pieces and the gemstones and it was only five pieces. But when saw what it could...
Components: Recycle LB glass pieces and Lb gemstones and rings and chain.

Frosty Leaf

I too wanted to make a(nother) fall piece, but this one I kept tweaking and redoing, at least thrice, and I'm not sure I'm quite finished yet......
Components: Brass sheet metal, patinated with Norit (before etching). Vintaj chain and wire, seed beads, (most from LB), Tiger jaspis chips.