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Crystal Beads

This line of sparkling crystal comes in a variety of interesting colors and the strand lengths are extra long!

Amethyst AB (matte)
Aquamarine Opal
Black Diamond & Hematite (matte)
Black Diamond AB (matte)
Cherry Blossom (matte)
Concrete Gray (matte)
Dark Topaz
Deep Turquoise w/ Bronze Luster
Glacier (matte)
Green Turquoise
Jet Hematite
Jonquil AB
Light Topaz AB
Lilac AB (matte)
Lipstick Pink Luster
Metallic Peacock
Pink Opal
Red Coral
Sky Blue (matte) w/ Bronze Luster
Spring Green
Turquoise (matte) w/ Bronze Luster
Vanilla (matte)