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Crystal Beads

This line of sparkling crystal comes in a variety of interesting colors and the strand lengths are extra long!

Amethyst AB
Amethyst AB (matte)
Aquamarine Opal
Black Diamond & Hematite (matte)
Black Diamond AB (matte)
Blue Opal
Clear AB
Cobalt AB
Concrete Gray
Garnet AB
Green Turquoise
Green Turquoise AB
Hyacinth & Metallic Silver
Ice Blue
Jet Hematite
Jonquil AB
Light Sapphire AB (matte)
Light Topaz AB
Light Topaz AB (matte)
Lilac AB (matte)
Lipstick Pink Luster
Luster Silver
Metallic Cobalt
Metallic Hematite
Pink Opal
Red Coral
Sand AB
Seafoam (matte)
Smoke & Gold AB (matte)
Spring Green
Teal AB (matte)
Vintage Lavender AB
White Opal & Gold (matte)
White Opal & Metallic Gold
White Opal AB (matte)