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Rainbow Obsidian Beads

While much obsidian is solid black, sometimes, this gemstone contains microscopic bubbles of air that create an interesting rainbow-colored sheen effect. When this glowing effect is present, the material is called rainbow obsidian.

Our rainbow obsidian beads are a velvety black color with a lustrous, but subtle sheen of green, purple, or orange, depending on the light. If you’re looking for black with an added twist, you’ll love this stone.

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More About Rainbow Obsidian

Obsidian is a type of naturally formed glass that was originally expelled from a volcano as molten lava and then cooled very rapidly in the surrounding environment. This rapid cooling prevents an organized crystal structure from forming, so although obsidian is a hard material, in chemical terms, it is considered a liquid! From a geological perspective, most obsidian is a very young material – less than 20 million years old – as over time, it becomes transformed from glass into rock through a process called “devitrification”.