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Ruby Beads

Rubies, along with diamonds, emeralds, and sapphires, are the most highly prized and precious of all gemstones. Ruby gets its name from the Latin word “rubeus”, meaning “red”.

Prior to the 20th century, rubies were considered to be more valuable than diamonds – in the 16th century, this gemstone was eight times more expensive than diamond! The largest deposits of ruby are located in Burma, Thailand, Sri Lanka, and Tanzania. Other major producers of this gemstone include Cambodia, Kenya, Madagascar, and Vietnam.

Piece $7.27

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Measurements: 2mm hole, 5mm thick

Piece $7.90

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Measurements: 1.5mm hole, about 5.2mm thick

More About Ruby

Ruby is the deep red variety of the mineral corundum. The red color comes from traces of chromium in the corundum. All other colors of corundum are referred to as Sapphire. Other than diamond, no other mineral is harder than ruby.