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Turquoise Beads

Sleeping Beauty Turquoise is mined from Sleeping Beauty Mountain in Globe, Arizona. This mountain was originally mined for copper and gold, but is now one of the largest sources of natural turquoise in the United States.

Our Sleeping Beauty Turquoise beads are a vibrant blue color and contain specks of taupe-gray matrix. Try combining them with our copper beads for a very Southwestern look!

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More About Turquoise

One of the oldest gems known, turquoise is highly prized for its vivid coloring and the ease with which it can be carved. The Egyptians used it 6000 years ago! The name “turquoise” is thought to come from the French word for “Turkish”, as French traders believed that the stone originated in Turkey. In the Americas, turquoise has been valued since at least 200 BC by native peoples in the American southwest and Mexico.