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Chrome Diopside Nugget 4-6mm

Chrome Diopside Nugget 4-6mm
Chrome Diopside Nugget 4-6mm View the Variance
15-16" strand $24.70
½ strand (loose) $12.85
Item # 36877

More about Chrome Diopside

When reading the word “Chrome” do you think of beautiful, rich emerald green hues? With this gemstone, you should! Chrome Diopside beads appear in beautiful shades of forest green, due to the mineral Chromium. Chrome Diopside is also written as Chromian Diopside and sometimes called Siberian Emerald, due to its similarity in color. Chrome Diopside beads are softer than emeralds, and are most suitable for earrings and pendants. Most Chrome Diopside is sourced from Russia, though significant diopside deposits also exist in the USA, Italy, and Myanmar.

Diopside occurs in igneous and metamorphic rocks. Diopside is often used as an indicator for where diamonds might be found, because the stone is common deep in the mantle of the Earth. Diamonds are brought up from the mantle to the Earth’s crust in “pipes” that also carry Diopside.

Metaphysically, Chrome Diopside is said to encourage and aid in intellectual pursuits.

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