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Holiday on the Mediterranean

A friend of mine wanted something for her friend that is an art teacher. We talked and decided on a handmade chain with ancient Roman glass, which...
Components: Ancient Roman glass, Larimar, copper


This is a modern chic necklace designed by Becky Nunn.


Inspired by the Pacific coastline, Becky Nunn designed this simply modern necklace.


Modern and ready for everyday wear, Becky Nunn knows how to perfectly combine shape and texture to create an eye-catching focal.


Becky Nunn designed this "pretty in pink" focal and attached it to a clean-lined wire loop drop.

Thin Point Fringe Necklace

These thin point focals are beautiful on their own or in groups. I chose to mix 2 colors I wouldn't typically mix, but I'm really happy with the...

Handmade Polymer Clay Boho Pendant Necklace

Double Sided Interchangeable Beaded Pendant Necklace. I support handmade artists so I buy all my beads from creative designers. This Polymer Clay...
Components: Polymer Clay Focal Bead Antique Pewter Round Focal Czech Glass Glass Seed Beads Antique Pewter Rhodium Stainless Steel

Tassled Tibetan

Love tibetan agates! Wanted a long hanging neck so the leather color goes well with the large bead
Components: Tibetan Agate focal bead, strands of leather for the tassle and to hang the bead

The "Face"

A strange focal piece I've had for a while not knowing what to do with it, finally becoming a necklace I will probably never wear!
Components: Ceramic face focal framed in wire, picaso seed beads and tube beads on a leather strap

Pink Butterfly

Got this pink butterfly as a part of a "grab bag" with the 2 pink rings. Made it "Pop" by using the turquoise and hematite along with the light pink
Components: Hematite rings; Turquoise prong beads; lipstick pink crystals and a few pink beads from my stash.

simply charming

I haven't made anything for a couple of months,we had a death in the family dec 29th,my grandmother of 92 years old. Last thing I made was a...
Components: Copper chain, sopper oveal bead from India, copper spacer/bead caps from india, copper butterflies from india, tumbled rose quartz, small jade beads, faceted Czech beads and Czech glass tear drop beads and the Czech glass button. Pardon the hairs on the bust, my cat knocked it over before I had the chance to use it and got it dirty.

One for the trees

So I know I do a LOT of the tree of life. Like, several pieces. But I have to say it is a design and concept that just SPEAKS to me. The ideas...
Components: Sterling silver wire, Labradorite, and binge watching Netflix

Sunflower Blast

When I first started making jewelry I loved beadweaving. But, once I learned how to chainmaille I started weaving jump rings instead of beads and...
Components: Sunflower pendant: saddle shaped cubic zirconia, 5mm bicone crystals, 4mm bicone crystals, an 8mm round crystal, and size 11 seed beads. Chainmaille: Weave Got Maille jumprings for the Half Persian, Mobious, and Foxtail weaves, 8mm faceted round crystals, 4mm bicone crystals, and 20 gauge Artistic Wire.

spring rabbit necklace

I'm ready for spring! And I'm sure that I'm not the only one out there, either!This necklace is chock full o' semi-precious goodness to help...
Components: Beryl, bronzite, Charoite, aventurine, Chrysocolla, gp bronze, artisan ceramic, sterling silver, 14k gf clasp, and an identified stone on the dangle near the clasp.

Finally something for me

I finally made something for myself! I bought several pieces of labradorite back in March. And I haven't touched them. I take them out, look at...
Components: Copper, Labradorite, leather

Mermaid Scales

This is a different take on fringe using the freeform acetate pieces, the amazonite beads really bring out the blue in the acetate.

Moroccan Moodance

This piece has an eclectic vibe with the gorgeous colors and patterns of Morocco.

Custom order for a friend again

Same friend asked for another piece, this time it's for a friend's girlfriend! He asked for moss agate and so here it is! Yes. Yes, I am still...
Components: Mass agate, copper

Colorful Cobalt Christmas Necklace

Cobalt blue 22mm Hibiscus pendant bead and multi color rosary chain!

Buhda Buhda Rockin' Everywhere!

The Buhda focal inspired me last night. So, I gathered all I had in this style/religion and sat down. Not really knowing if they are put together...
Components: Buhda jade carved focal. Silver accents throughout. Bronze disks&beads. African small square beads. Jade 8mm carved beads cant remember the name of the green&cream stones that are faceted like the Quartz. But, bought at Limabeads too.

Custom order for a friend

A good friend of mine wanted me to make something for his wife for their anniversary. In usual male fashion he said just make her something! I know...
Components: Leather, sterling silver wire, Labradorite

Wise Owl

I loved the owl but had no idea of what to do with it. Recently I reconnected with a high school teacher of mine...and the rest is history.
Components: Amonazite coins. Czech glass, Pewter funky owl beads and the main attraction...the Owl totem.


This necklace is my 50th design posted here and I made it for one of my favorite people in the whole world. In August I was able to spend several...
Components: Weave Got Maille jump rings for the Half Persian 4 in 1, Mobius, and Twist of Fate chainmaille weaves, Stichtite pendant, 8mm Antique Soocho Jade rounds (LB), 6mm Flower Jade rounds (LB), 8mm Soocho Jade rondelles, (LB), my handmade clasp, 18 and 20 gauge Artistic Wire.

Simple blue

A customer gave me the rough cut point, I wrapped it in copper and then found these gorgeous rough stone cut Czech Glass Beads that are blue worth...
Components: Copper, kyanite point, czech glass beads


I bought this pocket knife it's a antique dah and is engraved on gold and the rest is silver it has a pocket knife one side pipe cleaner on the other
Components: Same has above...i did it again. 🤣 gosh tracy get it right.🤔

Assemblage is key

Assemblage keepsake worrystone boho style
Components: Antique engraved key a safety type pin with the word treasure and 54 on it. Tumbled beryl laddered one under another and a pewter flower accent.chain is dainty bronze links

Candy dipped sweetheart

This one I did by candle light...dont know why? But I think I at least proved at my age I can still see colors at night. Anyway, I have had this...
Components: Focal is lima beads its glazed both sides looks lime it was dipped in candy. The 6mm blues are aquas and the tiny glass beads i bought from a shop in france. They are victorian era steel cut. I love the berry red color. Chek beads and accents of green garnet, amazonite. All chek beads are L.B's.

Can't think of one?😃

So, this has those big pretty flowers from limabeads. The blue jasper wheels from L.B. And the rest from my stash. The big brown rounds have...
Components: Same has above....i always do that!

Vintage Filigree Pendant

I was out in the shop and the box of these on the shelf caught my eye, so I walked over and picked one up. Instantly this image of matte teardrops...

Glass Heart Treasure

This hand blown heart by a North Shore artist was a gift from a friend at work when I retired 2months ago. Lima Beads has the perfect leather cord...
Components: LB royal blue 2 mm leather cord and silver plate cord end, 3 mm; silver plate magnet clasp from my stash.

Frozen Necklace

Earrings are fun with these beads, but I wanted to explore other ways to use them, especially with wire. I came up with the gentle arc on 18 gauge...

Stay Strong Necklace

I love that in India, the elephant is a symbol of strength and wisdom. The black & silver colors paired with the bold oranges in these woven...

Ethereal Necklace Chain

The colors in this woven piece called for delicate gold chain and a little sparkle!

Beach Beautiful Necklace

The colors in this woven diamond are natural and earthy. Pairing with turquoise and cowrie shell really emphasizes this vibe.

Red String Hamsa Necklace

I love the idea of using a string with these Hamsa focal links as a necklace. Add a tiny tassel and done!

Inky Tapestry Necklace

The black in this woven diamond appears to have been inked on, which made me want to pair it with a black chain and long slender black tassel. The...

Opulence Necklace

Tierracast designed this piece with lush gold components highlighted by glistening pearls.

Yet Another Fall Necklace

This is it for the Fall stuff....I like this one for it's simplicity.
Components: Resin over graphic over polymer clay Red Fern pendant, Red Bend Jasper...LB, copper links..LB, suede lace.

One More Fall Necklace

I'm making the most out of this time of year!
Components: Chestnut Opal copper leaf, vintage Czech beads, sari silk..LB, Red Agate bead, copper hook.

funky bird

I think people are going to start knowing me for the bird apsects of my designs.

I am not a person who likes bright colors and this shell...
Components: Printed shell, silver plated chain with fire agate beads that match so perfectly. I coiled the wire around them, wasnt easy to do, but the "messy" look of them, to me, matches the bird. Overall I am happy with how it turned out.