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Craft & Shaping Wire

Craft wire is a single wire that holds its shape. It can vary in hardness from "dead soft" to half- or full-hard. Uncoil the spool and bend the wire with your fingers or using jewelry pliers. From wire wrapping charms or links to creating crazy Christmas ornaments or styling rings and ear rings, craft wire will hold its pose!

Create & Learn with these items…

Quick and Easy Ornament Hangers by Steve

Want a great way to use that leftover Artistic Wire? Try making ornament hangers!

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Floating Flower Earrings by Ali

These cute little lucite flowers were just begging to be used in earrings. The TOHO Magatama seed...

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Wire Wrap a Bead Link by Steve

This technique explains how to take a bead from your stash and wire wrap a link on each side.

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