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Two Variations

Really looking for things to make....until some orders come in. These are okay...but really not my style.
Components: Fluorite, brass bead caps, Czech glass, Quartz Crystal, farfalle beads, copper toggle, copper cat charm, gold chain, Apatite?, Rhodochrosite and waxed linen

Mermaid Bracelets

I love the colors of the sea, so I decided if one bracelet was fun, why stop there? No such thing as too many bracelets.
Components: Anodized aluminum jump rings, stainless steel lobster class


I saw a pattern for this beaded bracelet and decided to give it a try. I love greens and purple together. I’m going to also try a blue version with...
Components: Czech glass tubelet beads, 8/0 seed beads and 3mm fire polished beads. Snap leather clasp.

True Blue

For lack of a better focal bead...this was it. Tt's pretty...but boring. I need some good focal beads.
Components: Lampwork pillow, Blue Haze Agate, raku imagine bead, I think...Apatite?, Lapis?, silver lobster and waxed linen.

Autumn Petals

Some of Nancy's new beads...I knew immediately what I wanted to make first. There will also be a lapis etc. version of this. I'm not sure what the...
Components: Rectangles?, Carnelian, copper beads, little beads that look like tiny freshwater pearls, Czech petals, links, gold toggle

Another Chunky Bird Bracelet

I had two I've got one to go. I've got multi gemstones now....but in need of supplies. I might be able to make a thing or two now, but...
Components: Ceramic bird...Gaea, red wood beads, Aqua terra Agate?, lampwork bead, toggle clasp, more ceramic beads, red PC beads.

Gilded Paradise Bracelet

I really liked the look of several types of gemstone nuggets mixed together, so I decided to create a funky mix of layered bracelets. I used some...

More Odds and Ends

I was determined to make something this morning and I had an excess of purple/lavender beads....thanks to Nancy. That was the only toggle I had. I...
Components: brass butterfly, ceramic beads, Lampwork lentil, farfalle, Czech glass, ribbed toggle and waxed linen

She wore blue velvet

“Bluer than velvet was the night. Softer than satin was the night. From the stars”🎼🎤. I was listening to oldies-Bobbie Vinton was dreamy....
Components: Suzie Q flower cuff. Ceramic beads by Etsy artist and Gaea. Lampwork bead by Etsy artist. Seed beads and 1mm waxed cord. The last picture is another bracelet with a different color cuff. I used several polymer clay beads with that one.

Red Bird Bracelet

I had these red birds as a necklace but was never happy with it. When I don't have anything better to do , I start taking things apart.
Components: PC bird, red wood beads, Blue Haze Agate, Golem daises bead, silver toggle, recycled bead and waxed linen

First Things, Packing, Réunion

Big Title. Lots going on. I am packing non essential items. Don't know where I am going or when but I'm moving forward. Among the jewelry I am...
Components: Fire polish beads, rhinestone spacers. Clasp, Fireline. The variations include chips, navettes, rhinestone sliders, amythst rounds, etc.

Unisex bracelet

This is a day of firsts for me. The first time I used a tying station and ribbon crimp ends. All of the materials for the bracelet I purchased from...
Components: Black microsuede flat cord, metallic sea mist round 2mm leather cord, TC gunmetal rings, antique silver basket weave ribbon crimp ends

A Few Fall Pieces

I've had this bracelet bar for forever, and it's been a number of different bracelets. So, here we go again. The Red Agate is Nancy's, along with...
Components: bracelet bar, Carnelian, small red beads, Farfalle, copper chain, PH copper toggle, waxed linen, bit of sari silk, Red Agate, PH bail, Amber chips, Autumn Agate, brass link, assorted dangles and copper hook

Flitter Flutter

I am still loving to see the butterflies and dragonflies around. I am always inspired by the beautiful nature around me. I don’t have any...
Components: Ceramic cuff, matubo 2/0’s in different colors, miyuki 6/0’s in opaque mustard( love that name), 8/0’s, tiny Czech rondells . Orange O beads, 1mm waxed cord. Butterfly charm. I purposely left some string showing so it wouldn’t be so heavy. I wanted a loose natural look. I hope it accomplished that.

Wire and gems

I love these bracelets! They are made with several feet of artistic wire and round stones. I used 8mm and 10mm agates.
Components: 20 gauge artistic wire, agates

Some more Polymer Clay

Some more of Nancy's awesome PC collection. The only thing I contributed was the Pink Coral Agate, the toggle and the waxed linen. I love pink...
Components: PC disc, PC beads, Carnelian, Farfalle, Agate, copper toggle, bit of leather, orange tassel and waxed linen.

The Toggle That Became A Bracelet

I didn't say it was a great bracelet...but it actually became a piece of jewelry. I sanded it a little, like Robin suggested. I don't think it...
Components: PC toggle, Agate, Czech glass, wood bead, ceramic heart and Turquoise drop.

Crochet doodles

Having fun with crochet again. Used 3 different colors and interspersed with beads as the. Bracelet back. Many Czech beads.
Components: Irish waxed linen, 3 colors. Czech glass beads.

Another Birthday Present

A friend is coming over on Monday that I haven't seen in awhile, so I thought I would make her's kinda a belated birthday present. I...
Components: PC rose, Multi Beryl, pink PC beads, Quartz Crystal, brass component, silver toggle and waxed linen

In the Galaxy

I love the Tibetan Bhodi seed decided to build a bracelet around it!
Components: Tibetan Bhodi seed bead, horn wheel beads, and silver connectors from Etsy. Cobalt Czech rondelles and round bead from LB. Clasp, bead caps, spacers from local shop. Wire from LB.

Summertime fun

I saw a bracelet like this on you tube- it was so easy and a great way to use up some of my 6/0’s. My granddaughter called dibs and actually had...
Components: 6/0 seed beads, 1mm leather cord, Czech glass button

Quote For The Day

Another reversible tin toggle....the quote on the back side says "change is the only constant" . Plus the Bumble Bee Jasper I just got went...
Components: reversible tin toggle, Bumble Bee Jasper, seeds, brass chain, Carved Carnelian, brass bead cap, enameled green leaf and waxed linen

Arm Candy

I’ve seen this style of bracelet online and women wearing them. So easy to make and they look so pretty on.
Components: Suzieqbeads bracelet cuff, 2 copper jump rings 10mm and a beautiful piece of ribbon.

Steak Dinner Bracelet

The older I get the more I realize that life just gets away from us. Even when we are sad there are things to be enjoyed. And if we don't find them...
Components: Lots and lots of Fireline! Lots and lots of seed beads, silver and silver lined gray. Silver superduos. 2 silver buttons. 2 gray pearls.

Sunday Morning

Bracelets just happen...usually on the way to finding other beads. I've had this Golem lentil for quite some time, and it's been in different...
Components: Golem lentil, Czech glass, Blue Agate discs, seeds, White Mtn. Jade, red bicone bead?, silver toggle and waxed linen

Pass The Olive (green)

It's been a few years since I have posted anything. I have been wanting to hone my wire skills and this past year gave me the time to do it!...
Components: Beads from LB as well as wire and one connector. All other wire connectors and clasp made by me.

Lovin the Purple

I’m making pieces for the local “Winter Market” . I originally got this focal to use with a pendant, but decided it was a little to big. Perfect...
Components: Purple Flower focal is by suzieqbeads. The yellow ceramic bead is Darcy Wishard. Lamp work beads from Etsy artist, glass cane beads, chain (LB), amethyst ((LB) and Czech glass from my stash. I made the button from polymer clay

Seaside Sunset Bracelet/Necklace

I love working with tiny faceted gemstones! I find that I am typically drawn to blues and turquoises for my color palette, so I wanted to expand...


My version of a pic I saw on Pinterest and wanted to make it for a while now, couldnt get this exact lentil bead on Lima so had to go to the Golem...
Components: Yello flowery lentil bead, a few beads from a trading post in So.Dakota, a blue seaglass bead, 2 blue O rings from Lima, yellow picasso seed beads, 2 mm leather cord and a flat piece of leather riveted to hold seed beads together

Purple is the New Orange

I got a lot of purple beads from Nancy...these are just two of what I've made so far. I realized I hardly had any purple pieces in my shop.
Components: purple pc? bracelet bar, ceramic and Lampworked beads, Quartz Crystal nuggets, Czech glass, seeds, silver toggles, waxed linen and brass stars

Super Duos

Wrap bead bracelets
Components: super duo beads, buttons and seed beads

Great Balls Of Color

Just for fun in summer, more beach glass!
Components: 8 mm pink/peach seaglass rounds, large hammered metal round, wax linen cord

A Very Pink Bracelet

I 've made a few bracelets with this focal by Gaea, and I must like them because I buy more. Each , of course, are different.
Components: ceramic focal..LB, vintage pink beads, vintage white bead, silver teardrop, Czech tulips, ceramic flower bead, waxed linen and Saki toggle

Season of the Witch

In the 80s I briefly dated a man who grew up on a midwest farm. I mentioned to him once that I hate Spring because it speeds me up, and if there's...
Components: Pearl gray 8/0 Toho seed beads that I did buy here at LB. 3mm crystal bicones. 2 8mm blue crystal cubes. 4mm gray lentil beads. And a favorite earring. The mate was lost long ago.

Wildflower Bracelet Stack

I used a mix of seed beads, gemstones, gold & silver rounds, and druzy charms to create this colorful, easy-to-make bracelet stack.

New Stuff

New beads from Nancy arrived and I was buried amongst them all day. These two bracelets are what I came up with so far. I like the red barn but not...
Components: Pc barn, various glass and pc beads, gold spacers, vermeil toggle, Czech glass, orange shell? copper rose, copper lobster and waxed linen.

The Lumpy Bracelet

I should have called this the whiner's bracelet because inside lately there is a constant whining. In fact, I even wined a little to LB LOL. Not...
Components: Faceted oval green crystal. What I assume must be 10/0 metallic hot pink seed beads of poor quality but pretty. Toho 11/0 seed beads that did come from LB.11/0 cream seed beads. 2 amber pearls. 1 large Czech button that I am pretty sure I bought at LB. Lots and lots of Fireline bead thread.

Madbeader Strikes Again

The madbeader is what I used to call myself...before I settled down to my now name of Sixty East Designs. Anyway...I guess I'm on a roll..taking...
Components: I think they are polymer clay, Carnelian, Ethiopian wire spacers, PH copper toggle, Rutilated Quartz, A. copper farfalle, Brecciated Jasper, waxed linen and a bit of leather

Moon and Star

I was looking for a spot for my little Gaea moon...then I just decided to pot it on this bracelet that I was fooling around with. I guess it turned...
Components: Carnelian nuggets, Red Jasper, Brecciated Jasper, Amber chips, brass leaves, gold toggle, copper resin star, Gaea moon and waxed linen

Hello Sunshine

I had a vintage bead I wanted to use as a focal along with some fun Czech glass beads. I strung this with waxed linen and added some tierracast...
Components: Czech glass beads, waxed linen, tierracast findings.