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Harvest moon and Bad moon

For halloween this year instead of making halloween type jewlery I played around with the czech moon buttons and made some ladder bracelets using...
Components: Czech moon beads.....for the harvest bracelet I used leather cord, c lon thread, and several super duo beads for the Bad moon bracelet I used leather cord, C lon thread and czech fire polished 4mm beads

Fall Festival Bracelet Stack

With so many new Czech glass shapes & colors to choose from, I had a lot of fun making this autumn-inspired bracelet stack! This stack is made up...

Gone Batty

Inspired by bats, vampires and the darkness/magic of the Halloween season
Components: Amethyst pebbles, Obsidian, Czech daggers, faceted Onyx, Czech faceted jet rounds and gold spikes, purple peacock druk

Spooky Hollow

I guess this isn't so spooky? I made it from a pick put together a couple weeks ago, in my head it was supposed to be a dark, creepy, haunted...
Components: Green Kyanite, Tree Agate, Serpentine, Labradorite, Czech glass iris green, Black Obsidian, skeleton hand & Raku leaf

Another Tin Snippets

Another reversible tin toggle...I love them and they are quick to be sold. I guess I was feeling very flowery when I made it.
Components: Tin toggle, pink and green Agates?, Amazonite, brass spacers, Rock Crystal, Vintage pink ribbed bead, Czech glass, turquoise lampworked beads, ceramic heart and waxed linen.

Found Bracelet

I went thorough all my jewelry to better organize it....and came across this bracelet that was not listed in my shop. I'm not sure why it wasn't....
Components: I forget what this gemstone is, orange ceramic beads..LB, black seeds, ceramic heart, bone button, kitty charm, Czech melons, Czech coins, leaves and drops, Green Kyanite, Carnelian, gold toggle and waxed linen

Mushrooms and Moss

Design based on a pick, some of the goodness Mother Earth shares with us (I realize this has more mushroomery goodness than moss...)
Components: Brown Line Agate, Espresso Agate, Czech glass amber rectangles, Chrome Diopside, Dragon Blood Jade pebbles, tan ceramic beads, Bronzite, mushrooms I made from some leftover suede fabric

Busy Work

I feel like I've just been doing busy work lately...I haven't made any good pieces lately. I am, however, looking forward to making some new...
Components: I think these are Czech beads, Olive Jade, African red beads, orange crystals, copper toggle, waxed linen, ceramic butterfly, Tiger Eye, various Czech beads and gemstones.

Mighty Oak in Autumn

A dark and Earthy bracelet, (I realize doesn't always appeal to the masses...) but I love the Fall and seeing giant old Oak trees change to their...
Components: Czech glass dark bronze and red bronze rounds, Brown line Agate coins, Rutilated Quartz, Wood Opalite, daggers, Nunn D. toggle and the Oak leaf is my own

Lost at Sea

This is a new home for the octopus - taken from a recent necklace design...I just think this is a better fit
Components: All from LB, octopus focal, Sodalite, Cobalt Opal Bronzite, dark blue porcelain beads and a sailboat charm

What do you see?

I used the terra agate beads in this and the barrel bead I painted as well . You see a lot of things in that as you look at it ( kind of like...
Components: Terra agate barrel painted with alcohol ink. Czech glass beads. Lindhasita cord The wire wrap- one is done with moon stone and I forget what the wheels are. The 3rd wire wrap is a mystery stone -and black AB fire polish beads- these memory wire bracelets are fun to make and work up in about 45 min.. I used 20 g wire for wrapping.

Walking in the Woods

In a search for other beads....I came across these Agates. While I've never been a big fan of the Tibetan gave me an idea.
Components: Tibetan Agate, Czech glass, rein beads, PC bead, unknown rondelles, brass toggle, brass components...cherry leaves I punched a hole in, sunflower, dragonfly and butterfly I patina ed, waxed linen

A Cold Winter Night

A chilly wintery scene in the form of a bracelet - at least that's what I hope it depicts...
Components: African glass cobalt blue, night sky porcelain rondelle, sapphire with silver flecks lentil, smoke-fused AB glass, Grace Lampwork snowy night bead, twilight crystals, Gaea indigo pebble

Self Closing Bracelet with Dragonfly

Started this as a necklace but decided to go a different direction. Yesterday I looked at it and thought it would make a nice bracelet. Then I...
Components: 10/0 Seed beads White with Travertine, - Green 3 mm Milky Teal Druks, 3.4 mm drops - Golden Grains, LB 24 mm Parawire - Rose Gold, LB Tierracast Antique Gold Plated Dragonfly Wings 7 x 20 mm, 10 mm Matte Pineapple Glass Rounds, LB Satin Hamilton Gold Plated Flat Diamond Chain, 6 mm Gold Plated Magnetic Clasp, LB 5 mm Gold plated Jump Rings 18 Ga

Blue Sky and Garden Green

Although I always look forward to fall this time of year, I dread the loss of my garden. I really enjoy the time spent under a blue sky in my green...
Components: Jump rings for the chainmaille weave, faceted Peridot, Blue Quartz rectangular tubes (LB), 8mm Wooden Jasper (LB), and Czech Glass.

Hawk Spirit

I keep seeing hawks at very close distance recently and I have found 2 hawk feathers in the past few weeks. I feel very fortunate for these gifts...
Components: Tiger Eye pebbles, Espresso Agate, Faceted Wood Opalite, Red Jasper tapered sticks, Fireside Picasso daggers, feather charms, copper dagger, focal is my own

Autumn is Here!

I have been gathering these beads just so I could create a bracelet in time for the arrival of my favorite season...ta-dah!!! Here it is!
Components: Jasper rondelles and petrified wood beads from etsy. The focal, czech glass beads, wire and waxed linen from LB. Any remaining components from local shop.

Garden Party Custom Order

This was a custom order from a repeat buyer. She bought the last little owl bracelet I made. She wanted a garden party bracelet. So I patina ed...
Components: Czech glass hibiscus focal, Unicorne beads, Pink Opal, other Czech glass, brass spacers, Prehnite, brass chain, assorted brass and saki bronze toggle

A bracelet for me-and 3 for Izzy!

I wanted to make something to go with grey. I have a lot of grey clothes (and hair):) so we went about picking colors from my stash. Found...
Components: These are memory wire bracelets. The grey is three different single bracelets and wired at the back with 4mm labradorite. The small grey are labradorite. I’m not sure on the other 2. The middle one is 8 mm beads wired with 22mm half round. I like the way it turned out. Izzy’s bracelets are 2 single memory wire bracelets with a 2 hole Czech tiles and 8/0 seed beads

Happy Halloween

I've been looking everywhere for a metal skull I do Day of the Dead design. I can't find it...but I did come across this skull. The metal...
Components: ceramic skull, Carnelian, PC turquoise beads, Czech flowers, copper lobster and waxed linen

Happy Autumn Solstice

It's already cooler here...I'm wondering what kind of Fall we will have. The "leaf Peepers" come from everywhere to look at the color in the...
Components: Ceramic pumpkin, glass witches hat, PC gourds, leaf chain, Black Lava Rock and quite an assortment of other beads!

Sunny Citrine

"Sometimes I'm quite astounded. I'll be baking a pie and end up with a cake."
I heard a contestant say that on the Great British Baking Show and...
Components: Jump rings for the chainmaille weave and Citrine.

Into the Pumpkin Patch

Another fresh pick manifested into reality, mostly the greenery with a splash of pumpkin
Components: 10mm Carnelian rounds + rondelles, tiny orange African glass rondelles, olivine quartz, green recycled glass, Dragon blood Jade pebbles, Czech glass Avocado skull, Czech glass squash rondelle, brass spacers, LB sunflower and pumpkin charms

Summer Time Peaches

Bracelet based on a pick made back in August, the colors of peachy goodness
Components: 2 large beads from Gaea, Citrine chips, Amber chips, peach Moonstone, green recycled glass, Peridot pebbles, and 2 peach charms that I had - on stainless steel cable

Christmas bracelets

We’ll guys, I think this is it. I am totally inspired by all of you and the Lima designers. I had to go digging for the focals- I have a tiny...
Components: The red bracelet has a polymer clay log and green leaves, a lampwork bead, 2/0’s, Czech glass beads and a copper clasp, red silk wrapped with brass wires. The silver, white and blue are all beads I got at Lima last year. I wired the snowflakes in to the connector rounds. The poinsettia pendant- I can’t remember wear I got it, there’s Czech beads, Picture Jasper, big green lampwork and a green tree lampwork, a yarn bead, cup bead for the clasp.

Raindrops Are Falling On My Head

The cloud link and the heart charm are gifts from the ceramic bead artist that I bought the "truth" cuff from. The little dangles represent...
Components: ceramic cloud link, Lapis, African Turquoise, not sure about the third strand, silver chain, vintage rice beads, silver toggle and waxed linen

The Truth Will Set You Free

This bracelet cuff is made by probably my favorite ceramic bead artist. I saw this and knew I had to have it. It speaks to me. After a lifetime of...
Components: ceramic cuff, Pink Opal, Rock Crystal, brass nuggets, black seeds, Czech flowers, black swirl, brass key, brass chain, gold toggle and waxed linen.

Seaside Autumn Wrap Bracelet

For this design, I used the ladder stitch to create this wrap bracelet. I used a mix of blue & green Czech glass trica beads, along with gold & red...

Ready for Fall

The nights here are already getting cooler. This is pretty much all Nancy's beads...except for the clasp. I've been experimenting with Vintaj brass...
Components: ceramic pumpkin and acorn, Carnelian, Amber, copper leaf chain, vintage bead, big bronze bead, Tiger Eye, Autumn Agate, bead caps, Picasso Jasper, copper toggle and waxed linen...Vintaj flourish charms and Unicorne donuts

Falling Leaves

"Every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering from the autumn tree"-Emily Bronte
Components: Jump rings for the Twist of Fate chainmaille weave, Antique Soochow Jade horse eye focal (LB), 8mm Serpentine (LB), 8mm Sunflower Agate (LB), 8mm Batiked Agate, 8mm Howlite, 4mm Amber nuggets, chain, leaf and bird charms.

Toasting Marshmallows

Another bracelet based on a pick I made a few weeks ago. More earthy colors - I seem to be drawn to...
Components: Wood Jasper, Magnesite, Espresso Jasper, a tassel, Truffle Porcelain rondelle, Birch Porcelain rondelle

Lost in the Mountains

I chose different shades of green, like the trees you find in the mountains
Components: All from LB: faceted smoky quartz, chrome diopside, brown line agate coins, verdite coins, Nunn moon, Tierracast? charm, copper woodland toggle

Did somebody say boots?

This bracelet is for Izzy ( for when she’s not wearing chokers and the array of bead bracelets we made). She wanted something to wear with her...
Components: Ceramic cuff, these big chunky rondel kind of shape beads, seed beads and picture jasper. I used those to fells last year stacking them together looks good and rustic.

Golden Harvest

This is kind of a combination/re-do of Late Summer and a new pick - Golden Harvest...
Components: It's mostly Citrine with assorted gold beads, some czech glass (squash), agate coins and the copper sun focal. The moon charm came from a bracelet that I already had but didn't wear (so I took it apart!) and this is what I came up with

Autumn Bird

This is one of Nancy's birds. I just had to make it this morning...but I got to get busy and find out how to make this necklace for my friend...
Components: PC bird, PC beads, copper ringy chain, lucite maple leaf, etched crystal bead, Czech glass, I think the square beads are some kind of Garnet, PH copper toggle

Wishing weed

Remember back when you were a kid and you made a wish and blew all those fluffy seed. That’s what this bracelet represents. Many fond memories !
Components: Cuff by Suzieqbeads. Czech glass: squares, flower, Owl, fire polish beads, leaf, and assorted little beads, turquoise heishi diopside chips, peanut beads, cup bead for the clasp, seed beads, a piece of chain, and dark green cord

One More For The Day

With such an array of gemstones to work with, how can one go wrong! I am forever grateful to Nancy. This is my farewell to Spring...
Components: Chrysoprase nuggets, Lapis, Amazonite, just guessing on the last two, ringy chain, Lampwork lentil...Grace?, copper lobster and waxed, findings and lentil from LB.

Just Getting Started

Big shipment of beads ( from Nancy ) not knowing what to do first. My eyes settled on these colorful Lampworked beads and thought I would go ahead...
Components: Lampwork beads, Agate tubes, Czech glass, bead caps, gold toggle, Vintaj brass lock and key...which I put gold patina on, vintage beads, ceramic heart, wood bead, brass spacers and waxed linen.

Too Tiny?

Maybe I need to get more sleep. A few nights ago I was watching TV when I got an idea to see if I could make a super small, delicate bracelet....
Components: 20 gauge wire, 2mm Citrine faceted rondelles, and Serpentine tubes.