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Golden Sage Agate Beads

Featuring springy greens, earthy ochres, milky ivories, and desert rose colorations, Golden Sage Agate gemstone beads will bring fresh air to your designs! Golden Sage Agate is a trade name for a type of agate found in Nevada.

Agate is a variety of chalcedony, which is itself a form of quartz. Agate displays distinct banded patterns, and responds well to various dye treatments. There are a multitude of agate varieties specific to locations all over the world.

Metaphysically, Agates are generally thought of as stabilizers and bring calm energies to their wearers.

15-16" strandSave 15%
½ strand (loose)Save 15%

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15-16" strandSave 14%
½ strand (loose)Save 14%

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