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Green Kyanite Graduated Slice Drop 1-3x7-25mm

Green Kyanite Graduated Slice Drop 1-3x7-25mm
Green Kyanite Graduated Slice Drop 1-3x7-25mm
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Green Kyanite Graduated Slice Drop 1-3x7-25mm
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Inches Green Kyanite Graduated Slice Drop 1-3x7-25mm Cemtimeters Reference coins
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15-16" strand
½ strand (loose)

About this item

Item # 53490
Beads per strand (approximately) 98

More about Kyanite

Kyanite reminds us of the varied colors of an ocean or our beloved Great Lakes. Kyanite gets its name from the Greek word kyanos, meaning “dark blue,” though kyanite is not always dark. In fact, it can naturally appear in a variety of blue and green shades, close to white or clear, orange, and almost black. Orange is the rarest color of kyanite. Because of the way that kyanite crystals are formed, these kyanite beads possess an internal woodgrain-like striation pattern that causes the stone to shimmer from within like fish skin (hey, it rhymes!)

In some shapes, our kyanite gemstone beads are a lovely pearlescent blue with an undertone of gray. In other shapes, our kyanite beads are a wonderful aquamarine color, with interesting dark brown inclusions.

Kyanite is also archaically known as cyanite. It is an aluminosilicate that forms during high pressure in schists and gneiss rocks undergoing metamorphism. Kyanite naturally occurs in long, bladed crystalline structures creating a unique appearance. It can be found on every continent.

Crystals of kyanite are often used during meditation, facilitating energy flows and aligning all of the chakras. Kyanite is thought to protect its wearer during altered states or in dreams.

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