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Hubei Turquoise Faceted Round 4mm

Hubei Turquoise Faceted Round 4mm
Hubei Turquoise Faceted Round 4mm
Hubei Turquoise Faceted Round 4mm
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Inches Hubei Turquoise Faceted Round 4mm Cemtimeters Reference coins
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15-16" strand

About this item

Unaltered and purely captivating, these tiny Hubei turquoise faceted rounds are a prime example of nature's artistry. Design a vibrant bracelet, create a stylish choker or use them as the main element in eye-catching earrings.

Item # 70309
Beads per strand (approximately) 100
Hole size 0.7mm

More about Hubei Turquoise

Hubei Turquoise is some of the nicest turquoise mined in Asia! Named for the Hubei Province of China. The majority of the world's turquoise now comes from mines in China, due to the scarcity of American turquoise. Some industry experts expect the Chinese varieties to go up in price over the next decade, as it too becomes more rare. Most Hubei turquoise rough is stabilized for strength. This helps to prevent chipping and crumbling. Turquoise derives its name from Renaissance France, where Europeans were introduced to the stone via Turkey (though those stones were traded from Iran). Turquoise has been used in jewelry-making for at least 5,000 years!

Turquoise contains copper and aluminum, as a hydrated phosphate.

Turquoise is said to be a healing and protective stone.

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