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Lepidolite (stabillized) Ladder Pendant Set 15-39mm

Lepidolite (stabillized) Ladder Pendant Set 15-39mm
Lepidolite (stabillized) Ladder Pendant Set 15-39mm View the Pattern & Color Variance
Pendant Set

Create a stunning centerpiece or several designs with this purple and violet hued set. Please see the additional image for the color and pattern variance.

Item # 58618
Beads per strand (approximately) 11
Hole size 1.25mm

More about Lepidolite

The color of roses and lilacs, Lepidolite gemstone beads contain gorgeous floral hues. The name Lepidolite comes from the Greek word “lepidos” meaning scale, due to the stone’s magical scaly appearance.

Lepidolite is a phyllosilicate, of the mica group, and is the most common mineral source of lithium. It is a soft stone and often stabilized for stronger wear.

Lepidolite is thought to be a balancing and grounding stone associated with the crown chakra.

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