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Moonstone (dark) Faceted Round 12mm

Moonstone (dark) Faceted Round 12mm
Moonstone (dark) Faceted Round 12mm
Moonstone (dark) Faceted Round 12mm
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Inches Moonstone (dark) Faceted Round 12mm Cemtimeters Reference coins
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15" strand

About this item

Dark moonstone faceted rounds are a celestial dream. Within each strand find a mesmerizing array of hues. Ideal for bold, one-of-a-kind designs.

Item # 69645
Beads per strand (approximately) 32
Hole size 1.1mm

More about Moonstone

Moonstone's radiant, translucent appearance is similar to that of the glow of the moon, hence the name Moonstone. Mineralogists refer to this semi-precious stone as Adularia, as it was first discovered in the Adula Mountains in Switzerland. The glowing flashes of light that are seen in moonstone beads are known as “adularescence”. This gemstone is usually whitish-blue (Rainbow Moonstone), but it can also be colorless, yellow, peach, gray, or even reddish.

Moonstone is a semiprecious member of the potassium feldspar family that exhibits a glowing bluish, silvery, or pearly white shimmer. Moonstone is sensitive to pressure and is vitreous in luster.

Evoking the powers of the moon, moonstone is said to connect it’s wearers to the unconscious and the world of dreams. White and rainbow moonstones are often used for the crown chakra, while peach moonstones are used for the sacral chakra. Moonstone beads are often considered a June birthstone alongside pearl.

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