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Multi Beryl Faceted Heart 10mm

Multi Beryl Faceted Heart 10mm
Multi Beryl Faceted Heart 10mm
Multi Beryl Faceted Heart 10mm View the Strand Variance
15-16" strand $15.90
½ strand (loose) $8.45

Shimmer and shine with love. 💖 These beauties catch the light so well thanks to great cut and faceting. Pleasing pastels make these beads great additions to earrings, necklace focals, and more.

Item # 61847
Beads per strand (approximately) 40
Hole size 1.1mm

More about Multi Beryl

Beryl comes in lovely pastel hues perfect for Spring designs! Multi Beryl is sold with many colors on each strand - convenient for jewelry designers at any level.

Beryl is a silicate of beryllium and aluminum. While pure crystals are clear, impurities give the stone various colors. Types of Beryl include aquamarine, morganite, and emerald. They are different stones only because of their color variation.

Beryl is said to be a healing stone, and is sometimes used for divination.

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