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Ocean Jasper Faceted Round 6mm

Ocean Jasper Faceted Round 6mm
Ocean Jasper Faceted Round 6mm
Ocean Jasper Faceted Round 6mm
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Inches Ocean Jasper Faceted Round 6mm Cemtimeters Reference coins
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15-16" strand

About this item

Dive into a sea of style with faceted ocean jasper rounds! Each strand is a kaleidoscope of earthy hues and unique patterns. Add these dainty rounds to strung necklaces, beachy anklets or drop earrings.

Item # 69813
Beads per strand (approximately) 64
Hole size 0.9mm

More about Ocean Jasper

Ocean Jasper is found exclusively along the northeastern coast of Madagascar. The mines can only be reached by boat! Our gorgeous Ocean Jasper beads display a pattern of wonderful swirls and spots in deep forest greens, warm yellow ochers, sandy pinks and beiges, whites, and some transparent portions.

Ocean Jasper, also known as Sea Jasper, is a specific variety of orbicular jasper. Orbicular jaspers include small spheres or orbs in its matrix. In cut sections, these appear as circles or eyes. Jasper is a combination of chalcedony and quartz. The name Jasper comes from old French, jaspre, meaning “speckled stone”.

Ocean Jasper is said to facilitate nurturing behaviors and is associated with the heart chakra.

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