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Prasiolite Teardrops 9-11x11-15mm

Prasiolite Teardrops 9-11x11-15mm
Prasiolite Teardrops 9-11x11-15mm
Prasiolite Teardrops 9-11x11-15mm
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Prasiolite Teardrops 9-11x11-15mm
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Inches Prasiolite Teardrops 9-11x11-15mm Cemtimeters Reference coins
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8" strand

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About this item

Green & gorgeous! Prasiolite teardrops are transparent and domed, creating the perfect conditions for use as a magnifier. Referred to as reading stones, using a specially cut stone for magnification dates back at least one thousand years. Simply hold a reading stone to the page and see printed letters more clearly! This beautiful stone features well in drop earrings and simple necklace designs. Please see additional images for variance.

Item # 66140
Beads per strand (approximately) 36
Hole size 0.55mm

More about Prasiolite

Prasiolite beads are some of the most precious in our shop -- we can't get enough of the soft green color and near perfect clarity. Prasiolite is often referred to as green amethyst, green quartz, or vermarine.

Prasiolite is a transparent macrocrystalline quartz in light green color. It is mined in Canada, Poland, and Brazil, but there is little quantity left to mine. For this reason, much of the Prasiolite on the market is actually heat-treated and irradiated amethyst.

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