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Rock Crystal Quartz Point Focal Set 5-8x10-35mm

Rock Crystal Quartz Point Focal Set 5-8x10-35mm
Rock Crystal Quartz Point Focal Set 5-8x10-35mm
Rock Crystal Quartz Point Focal Set 5-8x10-35mm
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Inches Rock Crystal Quartz Point Focal Set 5-8x10-35mm Cemtimeters Reference coins
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2" strand

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About this item

Rock crystal point focal sets are beautiful and versatile. Each point is capable of being a necklace focal on its own, or add several together for a trendy, organic look. Also ideal for anchoring earrings - such as long lunar looks or eclectic gemstone designs. Please see additional images for variance.

Item # 65086
Beads per strand (approximately) 6-10
Hole size 0.7mm

More about Rock Crystal Quartz

Did you know that rhinestones were originally cut from pebbles of rock crystal that were found in the Rhine River, Germany? The word origin of crystal is the Greek word for “ice”, because Greeks believed that rock crystal was eternally frozen water. Rock crystal beads are one of the best ways to add a ton of sparkle to your designs. Because rock crystal is clear, it can be combined with almost any other bead. They never disappoint!

The name “rock crystal” emerged in late Medieval Europe to differentiate this gemstone from newly perfected colorless glass, to which the name crystal, or crystal glass was attached. Rock Crystal is the clear, colorless variety of macrocrystalline quartz (silicon dioxide). Rock crystal often has inclusions of other minerals. Needle-like inclusions of golden rutile produce rutilated quartz. Tourmalinated Quartz is composed of intricately crossing needles of black schorl tourmaline trapped in clear rock crystal.

Long associated with beliefs of cultures all over the world, rock crystal is thought to amplify the positive and healing aspects of other stones. Rock crystal is said to bring strength to its wearers, and bring about clear-thinking.

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