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Septaria Beads

Septaria (sometimes called Septarian) is found in formations called Septarian nodules, which began life over 50 million years ago as large balls of mud that formed on the floor of ancient oceans. As the oceans dried up, the mud balls cracked and their interiors became either partly or completely full with other minerals, giving Septaria beads their unusual “crack-like” features. In fact, the name Septaria comes from the Latin word "septem", meaning “seven”, because the Romans noted that each crack tended to radiate in seven different directions. The ancient Romans used Septaria as a building material in their roads and walls.

Our Septaria gemstone beads are absolutely fascinating in appearance. Gorgeous cream, deep chocolate brown, and a taupey-gray are combined in a strikingly graphic pattern. This stone is one of our most unique. Makes a great focal bead!

Septaria is a conglomerate of calcite (cream), aragonite (dark brown), and limestone (gray-brown).

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