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Turquoise (Arizona) Slice Drop 7-12x9-15mm

Turquoise (Arizona) Slice Drop 7-12x9-15mm
Turquoise (Arizona) Slice Drop 7-12x9-15mm
Turquoise (Arizona) Slice Drop 7-12x9-15mm View the Shape & Pattern Variance
8" strand

Turquoise slice drops have an impressive trifecta. These stunners include beautiful vibrant hue, easy-to-use and unique shape, and satisfyingly smooth finish! Add to organic-looking earrings, trendy necklace designs, and more. Please see additional images for examples of variation.

Item # 65985
Beads per strand (approximately) 18
Hole size 0.5mm

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More about Turquoise

Could any other stone be more associated with American jewelry-making? One of the oldest gemstones known to humans, turquoise is highly prized for its vivid coloring and the ease with which it can be carved. Turquoise derives its name from Renaissance France, where Europeans were introduced to the stone via Turkey (though those stones were traded from Iran). Turquoise has been used in jewelry-making for at least 5,000 years! In the Americas, turquoise has been utilized since at least 200 BC in the American southwest. Turquoise from this area often was traded to MesoAmerican groups, including the Aztecs.

Turquoise contains copper and aluminum, as a hydrated phosphate.

Turquoise is said to be a healing and protective stone, and is a December birthstone.

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