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Shell Pearls

Pearls per full strand:
Round 6mm: approx. 64 pearls
Round 8mm: approx. 52 pearls
Round 10mm: approx. 39 pearls
Round 12mm: approx. 34 pearls
Round 14mm: approx. 28 pearls

Shell pearls are an alternative to cultured and glass pearls. They look and feel more genuine than glass pearls and offer the consistency of size and color that can be difficult to achieve with cultured pearls. Shell pearls exhibit the weight and feel of a natural South Sea pearl. They're available in an array of beautiful colors.

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Shop by Color:

Black Cherry Shell Pearls

Black Cherry

Blush Shell Pearls


Chocolate Shell Pearls


Chocolate (Matte) Shell Pearls

Chocolate (Matte)

Eggplant Shell Pearls


Grayscale Mix Shell Pearls

Grayscale Mix

Hamilton Gold Shell Pearls

Hamilton Gold

Harvest Mix Shell Pearls

Harvest Mix

Jet Shell Pearls


Lilac Shell Pearls


Marine Blue Shell Pearls

Marine Blue

Midnight Shell Pearls


Mint Chocolate Mix Shell Pearls

Mint Chocolate Mix

Muddy Spring Mix Shell Pearls

Muddy Spring Mix

Navy Shell Pearls


Neon Orange Shell Pearls

Neon Orange

Neon Pink Shell Pearls

Neon Pink

Neon Yellow Shell Pearls

Neon Yellow

Olive Shell Pearls


Pearly White Shell Pearls

Pearly White

Slate Shell Pearls


Twilight Shell Pearls


Vintage Lace Mix Shell Pearls

Vintage Lace Mix

Winter Mix Shell Pearls

Winter Mix

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