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Abalone Oval Focal Link w/ Silver Finish 21x10mm

Abalone Oval Focal Link w/ Silver Finish 21x10mm
Abalone Oval Focal Link w/ Silver Finish 21x10mm View the Variance & Sides
Piece $1.90
Package of 4 $6.20

Attach this link to chain to create a simple necklace. Shop our silver chain. Please view the additional image to see the variance in colors and pattern.

Item # 54538
Loop/ring inner dimension 1.5mm
Thickness 3mm

More about Abalone

Ready to shine? Abalone beads are a gorgeous, iridescent rainbow of electric blues, greens, grays and pinks on all sides. The beautiful colors are outlined by undulating lines of dark brown.

Abalone are a group of mollusks (shellfish) with flattened, spiral-shaped shells that live clinging to rocks beneath the ocean’s surface. The innermost layer of abalone shell is composed of a substance called nacre, or mother-of-pearl, which is highly iridescent, making it ideal for decorative purposes. Nacre is also known for being exceptionally strong. It is made of microscopic tiles of calcium carbonate that are stacked like bricks. Between the layers of tiles is a sticky matrix made of organic polymers. When nacre is struck, the tiles slide rather than cracking and the polymer stretches to absorb the energy of the blow. The iridescent appearance of nacre is due to light bouncing between the layers of calcium carbonate.

Metaphysically, Abalone shells are used to enhance calm and to encourage peaceful transitions.

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