Bronze Hematite (matte) Heishi 1x3mm

Bronze Hematite (matte) Heishi 1x3mm
Bronze Hematite (matte) Heishi 1x3mm View the Strand Variance
15-16" strand $5.90
Item # 48052
Beads per strand (approximately) 380

More about Metallic Hematite

Metallic Hematite is plated to achieve stunning metallic colorations, from copper colors to rainbow finishes. The name hematite was derived from the ancient Greek words "aematitis lithos" meaning blood stone.

Presence of hematite gives surrounding rocks a reddish tinge. If soils or rocks have a reddish color, it is usually due to hematite, and hematite is what makes the planet Mars red! Hematite is the mineral form of iron oxide. It is 70% iron, which explains why this gemstone is so heavy.

Hematite is well-known as a grounding stone in metaphysical beliefs. It is believed to bring its wearer balance and clarity. Hematite has long been used by healers to benefit the human circulatory system.