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China Chrysoprase (matte) Round 6mm

China Chrysoprase (matte) Round 6mm
China Chrysoprase (matte) Round 6mm
China Chrysoprase (matte) Round 6mm View the Strand Variance
14.5" strand
½ strand (loose)
Item # 53626
Beads per strand (approximately) 62

More about China Chrysoprase

Like fresh-cut kiwi fruit, our China Chrysoprase beads are a cheery apple green color with black inclusions.

Chrysoprase is the rarest and most valuable variety of Chalcedony. China Chrysoprase gets its beautiful coloration from small deposits of nickel. This stone is known as a cryptocrystalline, meaning it is composed of such tiny crystalline structures that most normal magnification cannot show the crystals as distinct structures. This quality makes it related to stones such as agate, carnelian, and onyx.

Chrysoprase is associated with the heart chakra and alleviating depression and anxiety.

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