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Coffee Bean Jasper (matte) Rondelle 19-20x30-31mm

Coffee Bean Jasper (matte) Rondelle 19-20x30-31mm
Coffee Bean Jasper (matte) Rondelle 19-20x30-31mm
Coffee Bean Jasper (matte) Rondelle 19-20x30-31mm View the Pattern & Color Variance
2.5" strand

Big & bold gemstones - just how rockhounds like it! The pattern and color of these beauties is really showcased because of their size. These large rondelles look great as focals. Try laying these stones flat and creating a bail from wire or ribbon for a modern focal style! The large hole size allows for easy stringing onto leather or cotton cord.

Item # 60688
Beads per strand 3
Hole size 1.75mm

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More about Coffee Bean Jasper

Nothing beats the smell of coffee in the morning - except maybe the gentle and pleasing pattern of these Coffee Bean Jasper beads! This Coffee Bean Jasper is a perfect choice for nourishing your desire for new jasper beads. Coffee Bean Jasper is also known as Artistic Jasper, not to be confused with Artistic Stone.

Jasper is a combination of chalcedony and quartz, and has been used in jewelry and decorative arts for thousands of years. It was often the stone of choice among Ancient Minoan, Egyptian, and Sasanian (Persian) Empires. The name Jasper comes from old French, jaspre, meaning “speckled stone”.

Jasper is said to facilitate nurturing behaviors and benefit healing.

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2.5" strand

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