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Dalmatian Jasper Brick 15-16x8mm

Dalmatian Jasper Brick 15-16x8mm
Dalmatian Jasper Brick 15-16x8mm
Dalmatian Jasper Brick 15-16x8mm
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Inches Dalmatian Jasper Brick 15-16x8mm Cemtimeters Reference coins
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6" strand

About this item

Dalmatian Jasper bricks are a distinctive, trendy choice for jewelry designing. Add to geometric looks, boho-beautiful designs, and pair with bright gemstones for captivating styles. Surprisingly versatile, with these brick beads the possibilities are practically endless! Please see additional images for variance.

Item # 64276
Beads per strand 8
Hole size 1.2mm

More about Dalmatian Jasper

Can you look at this beautiful stone and not want to adopt six puppies? While we at Lima Beads might just be a little dog crazy, these Dalmatian Jasper beads are certainly evocative of our favorite, spotted canine friends.

Though clearly named after the famous Dalmatian dog breed, Dalmatian Jasper is a bit of a misnomer. This stone is not a jasper at all, but the trade name for a microcrystalline quartz found only in Mexico. For this reason, Dalmatian Jasper is also known as Dalmation Stone.

Dalmatian Jasper beads are said to evoke positivity. This stone is often utilized by people who suffer from depression or nightmares.

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